Toyota restored the oldest 800 sport slider

In the 1960s, Toyota Sports 800 caused a big increase when it hit cars with more than double the volume of the engine. The greatest success of the automobile in 1966 was a five-kilometer race at the Suzuki circuit, with four Toyota Sports 800 and two of them occupying the first and second place

. The Toyota Sports 800 was equipped with a modest 790cc engine and power 46 horses, while several riders had two-liter engines under the hood. How did she do that? Unlike the rally a few decades later, there was no ballroom

The key to the success of Sports 800 was its low weight (only 580 kg in the production version!) Thanks to the combination of steel and aluminum shapes tuned in the aerodynamic tunnel Bodywork. Thanks to this, the car did not have to tank only once (even 30% of fuel in the tank!), Which, of course, saved time, but can not be questioned even by its technical qualities, that the chief engineer Tatsuo Hasegawa (among others, the creator of the first Generation Corolla.)

This particular chassis # 3 with chassis number 10007, which arrived in Suzuce with the driver Mitsu Tamura in second place, is probably the only preserved specimen of this race and is considered the oldest survivor Brand Toyota Now it has been taken by the sports division Gazoo Racing and the complete renovation of the really bad conditions added the real war color of WRC and WEC

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Suzuki Ertiga: new compact minivan for seven

Do you see anything quick in this car? Do not? So that's fine, that's how it's supposed to be. Suzuki introduced the second generation of a large compact car that used the technique of its subcompact, but unlike its predecessor, it does not look like a Swift Dachshund, but has its own distinctive design

. This is positive, but the other models brands do not remind you much. More important, however, is that the ertiga has grown and is now even longer than the BMW 2 Active Tourer, in which the crew will have to carry the luggage in all seven places. The Ertiga also has light somewhat larger than normal, which allows it to be used on roads with a worse surface.

This is definitely not a coincidence, Suzuki offers the Ertiga model in developing markets, not by accident She presented the novel at the Indonesian Motor Show in Jakarta. It is produced in Indonesia and India and exported to seventy countries in which almost 700,000 copies have been sold so far. The new generation will be driven by an atmospheric fifteen unspecified parameters, combined with a five-speed automatic or a four-speed automatic

Although it is a cheap car for unpretentious markets, there are also (depending on the equipment) projector headlights, LED rear lights, keyless unlocking or parking sensors.

The Infiniti model appears in the movie Avengers: Infinity War

The last wonder "Avengers": Infinity War will have a new car companion, and it is clear from the name of the film that you could not miss the opportunity, of course, the luxury brand Nissan, which is just an "i "Soft at the end. With Marvel, Acura previously worked as a vehicle supplier for S.H.I.E.L.D. and Tony Stark, but Iron Man suffered first in the Audi R8. However, the new Infiniti QX50 SUV is now in the lead. How often will it be seen and what will be its role? He tells us the movie itself, which goes to theaters on April 27.

Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT35: New version in difficult conditions

The Toyota Hilux, edited by Arctic Trucks, was especially popular with the British television program Top Gear, but it was not a special product not available, similar models have been offered in the United Kingdom (and other markets) for years and all modifications are complete Toyota warranty The latest version of Hilux Arctic Trucks carries the AT35 code and will be presented next week at the 2018 Commercial Vehicles Show in Birmingham.

The car is equipped with all-terrain tires 35 "and special suspension, which together provide 25% more liquidation and delivery hands with the set of robust tires are also the emptying of the fenders of the car. includes a protection frame located in the cockpit.The only four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with an output of 150 hp is combined with a six-speed automatic transmission

Honda N-VAN: Get a great truck of kei

The family of minivans kei Honda N (class) will grow in the summer with a new member. It will be called N-VAN (do not mess with N-ONE 😉), and the automaker, after many years, will once again introduce a new utility vehicle. And it seems we have (therefore, the Japanese) what to expect, the car will be full of good ideas.

It is difficult to say if the Honda N-VAN will be designed primarily as a payer capable of carrying four passengers or a passenger car with unprecedented variability, but judging from the fact that it is a tall, square classic body, according to the first images that both can handle. The seats (including the passenger seat) can be completely housed on the floor to create a perfectly flat cargo area and a really giant transport space (taking into account the size of the car). In addition, it will not be accessible only by the tailgate and the two pairs of side doors: there will be a pole on the passenger side between the door and, after opening it, will create a cargo space of truly unprecedented proportions