FORTIZO: Dynamic development of charging infrastructure

In the next two years have set a target to install together at least 300 publicly accessible charging stations H / C, essentially clearing the way for market players car allocate more electric models in Greece, and consumers who wish to move to a clean, modern and reliable means of transport, such as the electric car, eliminate the worry of recharging. Particularly encouraging is also expected to be the outcome of this project for the road tourism and holders of H / C from the central and northern European countries, visiting Greece, but also more widely for the urban environment, currently lack the infrastructure and significantly burdened by pollutants and noise of conventional vehicles.

“Our speech makes this year a big step in technology and innovation. Tucked pioneer in the electric sector, namely the charging infrastructure, building on the extensive experience of the maintenance and development of electricity distribution networks, international synergies of intelligent networks, but also the technical management and construction of infrastructure. “Said Mr. Harris Alexopoulos, from DOMOTECHNIKI SA “Our goal is to contribute to the development of FORTIZO network in Greece, the prospect of an operator of public access charging infrastructure in cooperation with the specialist firm FORTISIS», noted k.Efthymios Alexopoulos, from DOMOPLAN Ltd., a member of the group DOMOTECHNIKI which is involved in the project.

“Because the future of the automobile passes by the electrification and as targets for decarbonisation of transport and their dependence on fossil fuels, which have been set for the entire EU, further reinforce this trend, we believe that the coming years the movement H / C will experience a dramatic rise in Greece. With extensive experience already in developing charging infrastructure and after three years of successful operation of FORTIZO network in Greece, we move to the next step in cooperation with the group of DOMOTECHNIKI in order to make electric mobility a reality in every part of the country and to support private and public institutions that want to exploit the opportunities created by new developments in automotive and sustainable mobility in our cities “, said on the occasion of the signing of the cooperation agreement, Mr. Dimitri Micharikopoulos, from FORTISIS LTD.

FORTIZO The network currently has 21 Semi rapid recharge points (AC) and fast (DC) charger, which are located mainly in Attica. The FORTIZO enables owners or managers of car parks, shopping centers, hotels, offices, petrol stations etc. install and exploit any charging station H / C, a pioneer in turn to customer service and their associates, through the utilization of special charging stations management platform, but also other interconnection services, projection, roaming stations billing and monitoring that provides the network to owners or managers of recharging points.

The electric Mercedes G-Class of Arnold Schwarzenegger

The passion of Arnold Schwarzenegger for brutal off road vehicles are known. If anything, all those who occasionally “follow” the former actor, who at 69 years of puts with almost every appearance and activity a lifestyle directly associated with ecology. In an attempt to combine these two … his affections, the famous «Terminator» wanted to turn his personal Mercedes G-Class into electricity by means of Austrian Kreisel Electric, a small and emerging start-up company, which focuses on the entire business in manufacturing electric motors and power battery.

In our case the position of the thermal engine and of “traditional” liquid fuel tank has occupied a battery pack 80 kWh that ensures, according to Kreisel Electric motion autonomy of 300 km. The battery weighs about 510 pounds and combined with an electric motor that delivers 490 horsepower. According to the Austrian manufacturer, electric G-Class of Arnold Schwarzenegger has a top speed of 183 km. / Hr with acceleration from a standstill to the first 100 km. / H is completed in 5 6 sec.

Obviously, the whole project was completed for reasons … demonstration of technological and manufacturing capacities of Kreisel Electric and not motivated by the specific G-Glass to get into the future in ‘normal’ production rates and placing the wide koino._Ch.A.