A funeral diesel V6 Maserati Ghibli ?: Yes, the “last journey” Mercedes is passé …

Born in 1996, Ellena Trasformazioni is dedicated to the transformation of vehicles specialized in hearses. I am aware that many can give them “bad feeling” that talk about these things, but the commercial vehicle industry of this kind is very necessary.

Based in Saluzzo, Ellena Trasformazioni produces its models thanks the work of highly trained personnel and the use of equipment and plant last generation.

His last transformation has been baptized with the name of G3.0 and is based on a Maserati Ghibli diesel V6 . After transformation the model reaches a length of 6,620 mm, a width of 1,945 mm, a height of 950 mm and now has a loading of 2.350 mm.

Although those who often travel in these vehicles are not characterized by carrying hurry, the Ghibli chosen has a mechanical V6 diesel accelerates the model number of 0 to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds thanks to its 275 hp and its 600 Nm of torque.

Inevitably, these benefits will be diminished by the weight gain despite what it may seem, will not be very high because the company has made modifications fiberglass.

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Sponsored: The Nissan March presents the most exciting cities in the world # DeCaosAEmoción

Melbourne, Vienna, Vancouver … these are just some of the cities that often lead the rankings of the best cities in the world every year . Normally determining factors such as quality of life, personal safety or transport network are studied but what about other elements as emotion or rogue?

same question Esa have made Twitter users in Latin America, which are crying other factors that make you happy to be taken into account people when making the rankings of the best cities in the world. And you might be wondering why I’m telling you this. Well, the reason is simple, have a sponsor that we all know: Nissan and its new Micra, known in Latin American countries like Nissan March.

A through the hashtag # DeCaosAEmoción , the brand has launched a campaign in which his protagonist, Matej Mecar , a renowned urban planner Vancouver, visit several cities in South America to discover that order and perfection are not the only elements that make a city the best . Logically, the campaign is focused around the Nissan March as official transportation Mecar, but if you look at the background there may be much to learn .

in the video you can see how Matej, a person of good social position, is forced to join and enjoy life in various cities such as Santiago, San Jose or Argentina. But gradually things change and obligation then turns into pure fun . Really do these and many other countries around the world do not deserve to occupy some higher positions in the rankings? Well, there since assess each after watching the video.


Another curiosity that we see in the video is the fact that Nissan has chosen the March for this campaign, because normally we are used to big brands using models (as far as size is concerned) in these cases. However, one must think that we are talking about South America and there in the big cities is very common to see urban vehicles . Small cars are ideal for moving between the bustle of cities and narrow streets riddled with people, so the Nissan March is the ideal protagonist for a major campaign focused ciudades.

Here is the first taxi without taxita: At the moment, free rides …

We months announcing tests and more tests in relation to the autonomous driving . As you know, there are brands on the market that offer models with features autonomous driving in beta.

hours ago nuTonomy , the leading developer of specialized software driving autonomous has shown the public the first automated service Taxi . At the moment, the service is only available in the business district of the north of Singapore where nuTonomy has been conducting daily tests of autonomous vehicle since last April.

taxi nutonomy 2

from this moment the company invites residents of Singapore to use the application that has been released for smartphones and thus request a ride on the cab autonomous without cost in order to assess the reception and public opinion.

the models chosen for the project have the Renault Zoe and Mitsubishi i-MiEV that nuTonomy it has been specially configured to integrate their autonomous driving.

Among the advantages that the company stands out are the availabilities taxi 24h, the absence of distractions, the absence of at-fault accidents, safety and speed of service connected. In addition to this, there is a cost reduction in payroll and social security.

taxi nutonomy 1

At the moment, an engineer nuTonomy mounted on the vehicle to observe system performance and, if necessary, take over to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers.

throughout these months of trial, nuTonomy collect and assess the data collected from the experience in order to improve system performance and thus prepare for the launch of taxi service-robot commercial presumably reach the Asian city in 2018.

in addition to Singapore, nuTonomy it is autonomous vehicles operating in Michigan and the United Kingdom, where it tests the software in collaboration with manufacturers of the likes of Jaguar and Land Rover.

The Renault Clio RS Concept could be manufactured 16: With 275 horsepower

So far no official confirmation but Caradisiac mates seem to be convinced of the many possibilities for the Clio RS 16 Renault introduced a few months ago in conceptual form. According publish the decision on its future will be taken at the Paris Motor Show.

As you may recall the Clio RS 16 is a very special version of the versatile than takes under the hood the same mechanics used in the Mégane RS Trophy with no less than 275 hp and significant changes in the vehicle to reduce a few kilos tare.

Renautl Clio RS 2017 2

Caradisiac says that Renault may be considering launching a limited edition of 500 units of this special model though she says that if it receives green light does not necessarily have to reach as is the saw as a concept

what we have clear is that a Renault Clio with 275 hp has to be extremely fast . You should receive many modifications in the frame for the increase in performance do not put in trouble behavior. Evil as usually in this type of car will be in price estimated one 40,000 € at least.


Would you pay so much money for a limited edition Clio? Many think it is exaggerated but also the Audi A1 Quattro had a rate impossible to justify and sold out in no time. Therefore the French firm could capture the attention of collectors and lovers of small performance cars.

The Xcode Lada Concept, main star in Moscow: With all-wheel drive and turbo

The main novelty of Lada in Moscow Motor Show hit the market in about a year. He named Xcode Concept , is a prototype that anticipates forms that will be the future compact crossover brand, placing it above the X-Ray.

Aesthetically it follows the style guidelines released in the latest releases resulting attractive original . New for Xcode will be the customization , something that Lada is working now that have found that users are not satisfied with the original option. Roof, mirrors, tires can go in other tones.


For the development the new model has been taken as a starting platform Renault Duster sold in Russia, preserving the wheelbase and the possibility of including total drive

Precisely system 4 × 4 is the aspect that this model stands against X-Ray and the biggest size of your body. shall be optional depending on the engine chosen and although they have not named the alternatives that may be included in the production version, this concept uses a block supercharged petrol (possibly the 1.2 TCe 125 hp).


As the last Lada Xcode will leap forward in equipment options . No shortage traction control and stability, navigation system, automatic climate control, heated seats, rear camera, trip computer or leather upholstery versions.

Lada plans to relaunch the brand in Western Europe in the coming years and with Vesta, X-Ray and X-Code may win image, also supported by technology and know-how of the Renault-Nissan alliance.

Tesla increases the price of Autopilot for “better reflect its value” madness or genius?

When many people are not willing to praise your work, often you are left the consolation of sharing with the rest how well you do things. However, if you throw flowers much people do not finish agree with you, something is wrong. And this is precisely what happens to Tesla, since it is no secret all the controversy there around the Autopilot while .

As it appeared that the words are not enough, the manufacturer has decided that the best option to regain the confidence of customers and fans is raise the price of its system for driving assistance , as this better reflects the added value that this assistant means. Are we facing another of the follies of Elon Musk or to a commercial genius?

tesla autopilot

Until anything, all customers who acquired a Tesla had to pay $ 2,500 to benefit from the advantages of semi-autonomous driving assistant, a figure that rose to the $ 3,000 if they chose to install it later. This is possible because all brand vehicles manufactured from 2014 outfitting the hardware required to install this feature, paying those 500 extra dollars by on software of unlock .

However, along with the announcement of new Tesla Model S P100D and the new battery of 100 kW , the American manufacturer has taken to increase the price of Autopilot in another $ 500 . Thus, the final prices rise to $ 3,000 if asking a factory with dollars and 3,500 feature for those who want it later.

Tesla Autopilot

Yes, I know what many are thinking: “ visionary this has gone the pot again, after all that has happened, who’s going to pay more for that function “. Well, consider this fact objectively. While many thought that this increase is due to new generation wizard and the installation of a greater number of sensors in cars, a spokesman for Tesla it belied Electrek ensuring that this action has been taken “ to better reflect the value of the product “. And if you think about it, is to sense .

If we look at the prices of systems active cruise control other brands premium , we realize that the final price with optional equipment that forces you to install is considerably higher, as well as being even more rudimentary, so Tesla can afford a slight increase of the same . At the end of the problems that have occurred are essentially due to a bad use.

And on the other hand is like going to a five-star hotel and meet you have to pay for WiFi when in thousands of poorer quality hotels for free: in the end what you pay. The same applies in the case of Tesla, anyone who pays $ 60,000 for a car is to be set in a difference of $ 500? Not so incidentally, why not have extra income?

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Do you agree? Jeremy Clarkson says these are the 10 worst models has led

As you know, Jeremy Clarkson , former anchorman of Top Gear for the BBC has given much to talk about in recent months . Along with its new projects Grand Tour and DriveTribe , the British presenter also writes weekly in The Sunday Times Driving , which puts their bit with a weekly test .

Say Jeremy is one of those people who, after reaching the summit, can be allowed to drive the car he wants whenever he wants without receiving a negative response, all without having to make up after the result. Therefore, if the other day I spoke of 10 more exciting models that have happened this year for his garage , today is the turn of 10 most terrible models he has led in the past year (at its discretion again):

  • Skoda Superb
  • Zenos E10 S
  • Renault Kadjar 130 dCi
  • BMW X1 xDrive25d
  • Seat Leon X-Perience
  • Nissan GT-R Track Edition
  • Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDI
  • Hyundai H1

I know that none of us mind if we get behind the wheel of any of them, but we know that our friend Jeremy is somewhat demanding. However, there are two models that preys especially the presenter (apart from Leon Experience in test which also messes with the entire Spanish automobile industry ). First, after testing Infiniti Q30 journalist said “sounds like a diesel but that does not mean you have large doses of power “.


the second position is for a German, Opel Astra , which Jeremy Clarkson defined as “ a car that is good for anyone who only need four wheels and a place to sit “. Finally, the British did not let pass the chance to criticize the Hyundai H1 slightly noting that to take that car “ better give me a camel for day to day “. Of course, in the same article to put Volkswagen Golf by clouds as the ideal car for all. not know about you, but this man no longer know where to catch him …

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Do you remember the Veyron limousine which I speak? We know where it’s over … And Pitbull has the answer!

What if we bring together Pitbull, Flo Rida LunchMoney Lewis and singer in one videoclip? For simple, get the perfect mix to lead to a creation of similar characteristics: many scantily clad girls, supercars galore and an illegal race through the streets of Miami in the style of Fast & Furious .

few days ago just told you about a curious image that circulated around the network without rest of what looked like a Bugatti Veyron become a limousine , we now know what has been used so special preparation. Although for our joy we learned that is not an original Bugatti Veyron , but a replica which has been modified to give rise to this bizarre creation that we see in this video of last hit Pitbull “ Greenlight .

They also automovilísticamente speaking, has no waste as we can see from Lamborghini Countach two Hurricane, through a 911 classic, a BMW i8 and to the GTA Spano! Also, the supercar stars in the race between Pitbull and Flo Rida’s Prague R1 come directly from the Czech Republic, a car exclusively designed for circuit and with 210 hp of origin Renault Sport that on this special occasion have been taken to the street, none other than the amazing city of Miami to show off their lines radicals and give some scare another several passersby …

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-25 a las 14.52.46

No doubt a video clip that , leaving aside the musical tastes enjoy all motor enthusiast so what are you waiting? Hit the play and turn up the volume!

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Harley-Davidson unveils its new engine: Milwaukee-Eight, and brings many new

One of the worst kept secrets of motorcycling has been disclosed. finally, the most famous in the world for his creations on two wheels American company has just unveiled a brand new engine. the Milwaukee-Eight

This engine gets name because it is four valves in each cylinder also retains the classic 45 degree angle between the cylinders V-Twin. The Milwaukee-Eight produces up ten percent more torque asserts Harley-Davidson, is most powerful and softer but retains the same appeal and . personality always

Harley Davidson Milwaukee-Eight

will be offered in two different models: The Milwaukee-Eight 107 with 1,753 cc or Milwaukee-Eight 114 offering up 1,868 cc , more powerful engine and liquid cooled cylinder heads we see in Limited CVO Street Glide and CVO . In addition, since the company itself have argued that the weight has been distributed and configured to cancel up to 75% of the vibration on slow speed, keeping the classic feel of a V-Twin while retaining the softness at highway speeds.

“the engine Milwaukee-Eight carries the legacy of Harley-Davidson to the future” said Alex Bozmoski, one of the chief engineers of the brand. “Respecting the essence and great character of big-Twin have created a completely new engine. They have been improved multiple aspects, from its durability, performance and style, as a direct response to what we ask customers Harley-Davidson around the world. “

Harley Davidson Milwaukee-Eight (2)

The four-valve engines they are associated with motorcycles with high cylinder capacity , high performance, especially those with a double camshaft. But the presence of more valves, especially in such a big as this engine, not only improve performance but also emissions vehicle.

“These are the most powerful, agile and comfortable motorcycles ever offered by Harley-Davidson” said Scott Miller, Harley-Davidson vice president in charge of strategy and product development. The American brand has recently updated its segment in 2014, with its known as “ Project Rushmore ” initiative is believed that this new engine has been created as response to the threat of emission regulations as the Euro IV in the European Union, which shall enter into force on January 1, 2017 .

Harley-Davidson has not yet revealed no dates or prices for new models, but expect them to be available soon for the public and enthusiasts company founded in Wisconsin.

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ABT Volkswagen Golf GTI spice the Clubsport: Too much power to the front axle

If we talk about speed records in models with front-wheel drive Nürburgring it gets tricky. Yes, it is clear that Golf GTI Clubsport is the best lap time has its category, however, is as wild as to pay the remarkable existing excess cost between this and one León CUPRA or Civic Type R

Personally I think not that and although this course is spectacular in every way, not talking about a normal car use as can be the aforementioned competitors, but I insist, this is personal.

volkswagen golf clubsport abt 3

occasion of his 40th anniversary Volkswagen introduced us to the Golf GTI fastest series of model history but in addition to all the improvements that have practiced on the compact ABT has put her hand to the Golf GTI Clubsport .

the sporty Golf GTI Clubsport behavior comes from motor 2.0 TSI, offering 265 hp . A provision already in itself extraordinary, but that can be increased by the “overboost” function, which adds another 25 CV for ten seconds and reaches a peak of 290 hp . The model accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 250 km / h. The 2.0 TSI engine can be combined with a manual gearbox or DSG that will transmit power to the front axis. The model homologated according to the European cycle 7 l / 100 km.

volkswagen golf clubsport abt 4

Thanks to ABT model now offers 340 hp (250 kW) and has a torque of 430 Nm -instead of the standard 350 Nm. –

in addition to the significant increase in power model rides some exterior improvements as a lightweight spoiler, a new side skirts , new mirror housings and a new rear skirt which houses an output quad exhaust.

round off the changes have mounted a new alloy wheels 20 “with high performance tires, a new suspension kit adjustable, new anti-roll bars, new brake system with six-piston calipers in front and new discs 370 mm.