Citroen C3: Greek Car of the Year 2017

In the vote involved 10 cars had entered the final phase in the selection process (which is also carried by a vote) 17 new models that presented in the previous 12 months in the Greek market. The 10 cars of the final phase were (in alphabetical order) the Citroen C3, Ford Ka +, Honda Jazz, Honda HR-V, Mercedes E-Class, Mini Clubman, Renault Kadjar, Seat Ateca, SsangYong XLV, Suzuki Baleno and after the count winner of the vote and “Car of 2017” became the Citroen C3. Note that there is 10 cars ranking, which is why no mention of the score, because the process is the emergence of a winner, the “Car of the Year” and the scoring system has been selected in order to send him the winner.

Journalists members of the institution chosen each time the “Car of the Year in Greece” between the new cars that appeared in the Greek market the last 12 months and which have led the Greek roads, with criteria relating to technology, safety , quality, completeness of the range, the cost of purchase and use, and any other feature that contributes to a car to fit the Greek reality and the perception of the automobile by the Greek consumers. Like every year, this year awarded by the institution two special awards. One of them was awarded to the group of students Mandoulides from Thessaloniki, who took first place in an international competition F1 In Schools, which was held in the US involving 39 teams from 23 countries, including countries with significant domestic automotive and great tradition in motorsport. The second went to polyprotathliti Leonidas Kyrkos for longtime contribution to motorsport.

This year’s event was held under the auspices of the Municipality of Kifissia and the Commercial Association of Kifissia and cars of the final phase were exposed for 10 days in the center of Kifissia. The event was sponsored by the company USAG professional tools, known from their use of teams participating in world championships Moto GP, Superbike & F1.

To first official video of the new Alpine A120

Everything indicates that time for the official presentation of the new A120, the first after many years of Alpine’s coupe, approaching. Wanting to create the right climate, the French company today gave a publicity video which displayed three camouflaged A120 to plagiolisthainoun fairly … admittedly thanks wet terrain. In parallel with the publication of the optical material in the channel in Youtube, Alpine has announced on its official website that the A120 will initially be built in a limited production version, of Premiere Edition, with just 1,955 copies of be for an equal number of buyers in Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland and Spain. Indeed, Alpine allegedly receives from now advances of € 2,000 for one of them to be yours.

Despite the fact that the French company has not yet opened the papers, everything indicates that the new A120 will move of an engine turbocharger fitted to the center of the body (hence the air vents on the finish of rear windscreen, as one can observe in the relevant video) with a capacity of 1.8 liter which is an evolution of the corresponding 1.6 of Clio RS shifting movement to the rear wheels. The effect will vary according to initial estimates, close to 250 horsepower, and certain is that soon we will take a more “hot”, effective about 300 hp. _CH.A.

November sales: slight increase … | 4WHEELS

Based on the data of the Greek Statistical Office and the first treatment they received from the Association of Automobile Representatives, registrations of new passenger cars in November 2016 were slightly increased by 0.6% compared with the same period last year. Overall, in January-November 2016, registrations of new passenger increased by 7.4% compared with the corresponding period of 2o15. Of course, even so, our market falls 71.2% relative to the time of fat cows. In new vehicles recorded slight increase from the beginning of the year (+ 0.6%), while in the new two- exceeding 50 cc classifications January-November grew by 11.7% compared with the same period in 2015.

To VW Golf GTI Clubsport S improved his record to Ring (video)

The battle timer in special stage of “big» Nurburgring, seems alive and well, with VW to return … vengeance visited again this terrain in an effort to improve the performance record already won the class of front-wheel drive models with the Golf GTI Clubsport S. which it did, then, as on October 26, as culminating in the video below, the German company chariot top version of the Golf was able to “download” in ideal, as she describes the circumstances when two or more seconds, the lap of the model. So the 7: 49.29 was 7:47:19 “opening” even more the range of the Cupra version of the Seat Leon and of course the Honda Civic Type-R._CH.A.

How does a modern car can do … Wings

According to the findings of this investigation, using a mysterious, as characterized, electronic device, would-be burglars can easily enter the interior of the car that instead of a traditional engine ignition key feature buttons and … remove your quad partner in just a few seconds without leaving behind any of the usual in such cases traces. This device, which consists of two parts, can, according to the US gather from walking on distance the signal holder “sends” the vehicle’s receiver whenever he presses the appropriate button to lock or unlock the doors. Once the relevant data is stored, then transferred to the second device, which National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) calls “relay box ‘, which then can be used both to unlock the prospective thief the your vehicle, and to remove it.

The Roger Morris, who represents the NICB service, said that the findings of the investigation were exported after tests were carried out using a sample of 35 car in the Chicago area. Upon completion, the “testers” managed to enter inside 19 models and … go easy with 18 of them. In fact, in 12 of them, the people of NICB were able to restart the engines of automobiles after turning them off.

Currently, remains unknown, the number of vehicles who have misappropriated the other side of the Atlantic with this method, said Roger Morris features.

According to the NICB, The supply of the electronic device in which the investigations were carried out made by “an expert on security issues who works in a company abroad, which provides manufacturers and companies burglar the opportunity to experience the vulnerability of their systems against malicious attacks. “

Typically, the representative of the National Insurance Crime Bureau noted that “a thief with skills in technology and computers can manufacture itself the / these device / s, which makes the identification their manufacturers an extremely difficult case. “

The CEO of National Insurance Crime Bureau, Joe Wehrle, commented on the matter:

“Can the specific devices may not work in all vehicle brands, but certainly many other thieves have the ability to remove the car with great ease. “ _CH.A.

BMW 100 years and 50 years Opel GT in Greek Car Museum

On December 1, 2016, the Museum’s visitors have the opportunity to admire unique models up close and learn for the legends of motoring the BMW, in a space dedicated. The cars will be exhibited for this purpose are:

Frazer Nash – BMW 319/328 Willis 1935

BMW 319/328 MOTTO STREAMLINER R 1935 / 1950

BMW Isetta 300 1959

BMW 700 Coupe Racing 1962

BMW 2000 C 1967

BMW 2002 Tii 1973

BMW 635 CSI Coupe 1979

BMW 735 iAL 1988

BMW M5 VDP, 1999

noted here that especially for Great Britain the prewar period, BMW called Frazer Nash-BMW by the name of there representative, creator of the homonymous race. The exhibits cover all the decades from 1930 to 1990, outside the turbulent period of the second world war. Especially for the two prewar models with lightweight aluminum specially designed chassis, the BMW Museum in Munich has exchanged information with the Greek Automobile Museum for certification of their history.

At the same time going to celebrate the 50 years of the Opel GT, a groundbreaking sports car design that “rocked” the automotive waters when first released in 1966. The Greek Automobile Museum occupies 4,000 sq.m. in a building of unique architecture and beauty. It is dedicated to technology and the development of the car including more than 110 exhibits from the late 19th century to the late 20th. Located in the center of Athens, between the National Archaeological Museum and the train station “Victoria.”

50 years FIVA | 4WHEELS

In the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on the occasion of 50 years of FIVA (1966-2016), the international historic car organization that aims to protect, preservation and promotion of world motorized heritage occurred some events, which inter alia set meat reception by the UNESCO ambassadors, attended by President of FIVA Mr. Patrick Rollet while exposed to the same location under the title a Century of Mobile heritage eleven historical vehicles and three motorcycles, fine examples of historic restoration exceptional interest vehicles.

Indicative vehicles 1892 Panhard et Levassor Type P2D, 1927 Voisin C7 Lumineuse, 1928 Bugatti Type 35B, 1937 Delahaye 135 Competition & 1961 Alfa Romeo Giullieta SZ. 2016 has been recognized and supported by UNESCO as World Motoring Heritage Year.

From attended Greece: The Greek Federation of Friends of Old Cars and Motorcycle by its chairman, Mr. Dimitri Vernardaki and Mr. Panagiotis Mariolopoulos, Vice NR FIL.P.A. President and Greek Motorbike Museum and Peter Matsouki, Secretary General of the National Road FIL.P.A and the Greek Automobile Museum by the president and founder of Mr. Theodore N. Charagionis.

H UNESCO the educational, scientific and cultural organization of the United Nations, was founded on 16 November 1945. He struggles to create conditions for an honest dialogue based on respect for common values ​​and ideals of all cultures. People directly requires global visions of sustainable development based on the protection of human rights, mutual respect and the elimination of poverty. These objectives are the core of the mission and activities of UNESCO.

H Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens founded in 1966 as a result of the idea of ​​different organisms prior interest in vintage cars and the growing number of interested world for historic car. Today FIVA has members in more than 85 organizations, museums, etc. in more than 62 countries representing 1,500,000 and most of the historic car enthusiasts.

The Greek Federation of Friends of Old Car & Motorcycle is the Secondary College of similar non-profit organization based in Greece. Is the exclusive representative for Greece (National FIVA Authority-ANF) of FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens), ie. The International Federation of Old Car-ICAO.

Autonomous vehicles towing device in the factory Nissan

The new project of the Nissan IVT utilizes mapping and communication technologies to connect an intelligent and all-electric car to an existing infrastructure , making a step towards the implementation of Intelligent Integration (Nissan Intelligent Intergration). The IVT system uses a modified Nissan LEAF towing autonomously (without the presence of a driver) car-carrying trailer, between designated loading and unloading points in the Oppama plant in Japan.

Unlike conventional automatic systems, vehicles for the transport of materials, which often require the installation of rails or the widespread use of magnetic tape, the system does not need any special infrastructure to operate. The towing vehicle is equipped with an array of cameras and laser scanners that detect lane markings, curbs, as potential barriers or any risks. Crossing the data received vehicle to those present in the navigation system, the car-trailer identifies the position of automatically calculating the route to the destination. The car – trailer traveling within the speed limits of the factory and stop automatically if it detects an obstacle or danger. Then you start again when it has verified that the road has not been overlooked.

The path of the tow can be easily modified to adopt changes in vehicle production and transport processes. All self-towing cars, linked to a central traffic control system, which can monitor the position, speed, status of the battery, and the status of the operation. If two of these autonomous cars-trailers meet at an intersection, the algorithm of the control system determines which car should be given priority in an emergency, the system can stop the cars from a distance.

This system was put into trial operation before about a year, carrying out more than 1,600 tests at Nissan’s plant in Oppama. The data collected at this time, have been exploited to the full to ensure that the system can operate reliably within the plant facilities. Moreover, Nissan has developed a security system to address potential risks or unexpected circumstances may the IVT system have to face, including adverse weather conditions and low light conditions. The Nissan will continue to test this system in the Oppama plant, and will examine the possibility of applying to other production facilities, both within and outside Japan.

The data and know-how obtained through this innovative project will help Nissan to enable wider adoption of autonomous driving technology, offering new solutions to and society customers.