2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Gets Diesel Bi-Turbo

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Under the lid, Ford Range Raptor did not last, benefiting from a successful Ford F-150 surname. For the time being, it is not clear how it will be with the availability of the model on the European market. But the basic prerequisites to succeed in Europe too.

2019 ford ranger raptor diesel release date

Under the hood, a new 2.0-liter bi-turbo diesel 210 hp and a torque of 500 Nm will be available. At least that was claimed by the Australian Motoring website, but the photo article has already disappeared. Engine power transmits a new ten-speed automatic transmission to the rear and possibly all wheels.

Unlike the regular Ford Ranger, the Raptor has a remarkably redesigned chassis with adjustable altitude, and of course, even larger brakes and proper off-road tires. Raptor is also wider and will have a rather rich luxury gear.

2019 ford ranger raptor msrp

Apparently the Ford Ranger Raptor will only be produced in a double-cab design. If it was meant for Australia only, it would probably only get the steering wheel on the right, so it would be a problem with our traffic. Otherwise, the import, whether official or individual, would not hinder anything.

2019 ford ranger raptor diesel price

After all, the regular Ranger is sold here, and in its category it is one of the most successful models in the industry. And the 2.0 Bi-Turbo Diesel engine is the same as the top-of-the-line performance that drives the Ford Edge European crossover specification.

2019 ford ranger raptor diesel rear view

2019 ford ranger raptor engine specs