5 Reasons Why We Need Classic Car Insurance

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Insurance for classic cars, become important or not? I will give you five reason why we need it. A car is not “classic” just for the years it has. The uniqueness of these vehicles goes beyond their simple age and makes them valuable goods and as such, they must ensure that you can enjoy them and keep them as comfortable and without problems.

It can be thought that if a car does not move or is no longer used for circulation, there is no sense in assuring it, but nothing is further from reality. A classic car, regardless of its functionality, must always have the backing and security offered by an insurance policy, adapted to your needs, characteristics and use, of course.

Classic cars insurance

Jewelry, pieces of art, but also your house are insured against risks such as theft, accidents or eventualities. A classic car meets conditions similar to this type of goods and also adds its own so it has a good set of reasons to ensure it is the best option. There are 5 basic reasons why a classic car should be insured.

1. Economic value

Classic cars are goods of high economic value. If you have doubts about yours, it is necessary that you submit it as soon as possible to an appraisal. The valuation of a classic vehicle must always be carried out and it is essential to ensure this type of goods. It is necessary for the insurance company to value the car according to its historical real price, which will require a study carried out by experts in this type of parts. The economic value of most classic vehicles is already sufficient reason to insure it.

2. Risk of theft

At a minimum, a classic car requires a garage as a space for protection and safety, but it is clear that its value and exclusivity makes it an object of habitual desire for thieves and criminals. Additional security systems such as video surveillance, alarms or security doors are highly recommended, but experts remember that nothing is infallible and 100 percent cash. All these elements are dissuasive and in many cases, they avoid or frustrate attempts of theft, but only an insurance protects your classic car and its value in case the worst happens and is stolen.

3. Maintenance and conservation

The repairs of a classic car are not simple, it requires a very specialized workforce. The pieces that make up a classic car are no longer manufactured, so they are very difficult to obtain and require craftsmanship to be repaired. These needs of a classic car are not cheap and yet they are common. Depending on the type of classic vehicle, they can demand very frequent maintenance. Keep in mind that the state of conservation of a classic car is directly proportional to its value. That is, if you want your classic vehicle not to lose economic value over the years, you must strive to maintain it in optimal conditions, in this way, you will win, instead of losing, as time passes.

4. Exposure to risks and eventualities
Regardless of the use and functionality of your classic car, it is always exposed to different types of risks. If it is in use, although it is particular and very controlled, it is usually estimated at a mileage of less than 5000 kilometers per year, it is exposed to the same eventualities as a car in circulation: blows, accidents, failures. And, even if it is an exhibition car or that is stored and protected, risks such as humidity, excessive heat or an accidental fire are possible and it is necessary to protect the classic car also in these cases and against these specific circumstances.

5. Circulation

If you are lucky that your classic car is still suitable for circulation, you do not need more reasons to hire an insurance policy, every motor vehicle has a legal obligation to be insured. In the case of classic vehicles in use, traditional insurance is not subscribed with the same conditions or characteristics as other vehicles. Although it may be less likely, a classic car may suffer an accident, be involved in an accident or simply receive a parked blow; An adequate insurance policy is the necessary response in all these cases.

Protect your classic car and enjoy it without fear of unforeseen events, is much simpler than you think. An adequate insurance will avoid worries and worries whether you drive, as if you have saved your classic car. There are specific and specialized insurance policies that offer you a complete and adapted menu of services, coverages and assistance designed to respond to the specific needs of this type of vehicle.

Do not take unnecessary risks and choose an expert and professional insurance company to protect your classic car, bet on the experience and tranquility in the use and enjoyment of a good so unique and exclusive.

Remember that the policy you choose must respond to the specific characteristics of your car, without forgetting your needs and priorities; do not renounce to subscribe an insurance that offers you a complete guarantee and that values ​​your classic car in its right measure, taking into account its economic value, but also its uniqueness.