After agreement, 80 workers fired from Ford are rehired

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photo: Edu Guimarães/SMABC

Bocchini Bruno
Brazil Agency

Assembly of Ford graduates, workers in Sao Bernardo do Campo (SP), approved yesterday (18) the agreement between the ABC metal workers Union and an automaker stop a readmission of 80 of 364 employees laid off last week.

according to the Union, POS to the rest of the workers will return to work at the plant will be offered a voluntary dismissal program (PDV) will pay 83 percent per year worked, with addition of R $30000 to those transport to 10 years without a job. Employees with medical restrictions, the amount paid will be 140% pay per year worked, millions more than R $7.5. Those not joining the BUYOUT, a car maker must pay the value of five wages.

“Was a very difficult process and the result doesn’t answer to everything, but we believe it was possible to build. With much effort we made the return of the 80 workers. A company was adamant, claiming there will be more UM cut any production volume in September, “said Trade Union Committee Coordinator at Ford, Quixabeira José de Anchieta.

note in, a Ford confirmed the shutdown of metallurgical 284 and noted they were already in Lay Off – with the employment contract suspended. A carmaker reported that, an effect that Union, he returned to open the POS for the group will be turned off.


“it was agreed that 80 employees of the group in lay-off will be reinstated to work in the factory from the week. The remaining workforce will be off to meet the goal of managing the excess employees resulting from the reduction of the volume of production in São Bernardo do Campo “.