pollutants Scandal: Under investigation and Renault

This is not the first time that the French authorities put their sights on Renault. This time it is the turn of investigators Directorate-General for Competition, Consumption and Anti which attempt to research is underway to discover if Renault has deceived the relevant country [19459004environmentalservices] to get specific models of the necessary certification by use emissions manipulation software . More specifically, current publishes the newspaper Liberation reveals confidential, as she calls them, information stemming from a 39selido document-finding related to research this conducted by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Anti-Fraud.

“The French company adopted a strategy aimed at distorting effects on pollutant measurement tests” states the document in question features

According to report, the tests carried out have shown significant differences between the results in the laboratory and on the road for models Clio and Captur . Specifically, exceedances of carbon dioxide emissions in the case of the first reached 305% and the second 377%.

“These results enable fraudulent use is suspected of a device that modifies the engine to reduce emissions,” typically refers to the General Report Directorate of Competition, Consumption and Anti-Fraud.

According to Liberation, such a scandal is likely to concerns about 900,000 cars of the French manufacturer.

In response, Renault says there has accessed the DG Competition report, Consumption and Anti-Fraud and therefore “can not confirm the accuracy, completeness and reliability information published in this article. “ Nevertheless, the French company was quick to clarify that “its vehicles not equipped with software that deceives affecting antifouling engine systems.” _CH.A.

The new SsangYong Rexton exposure Seoul

These are the first official electronically processed images of the new SsangYong Rexton (internal code Y400), the model will be the crown of the range of older construction of Korean vehicles. Sales of the world, as in Greece, will start after the summer.

The model draws its design inspiration from the Parthenon, which is the most classic benchmark of world architecture. The new Rexton based architecture with the engine forward and back movement, a new framework that uses Quad-Frame technology has developed in collaboration with POSCO, the largest steel producer in the N. Korea. The new frame (ladder) of the new Rexton uses, for the first time in the world, steel ultra-high strength (giga-steel) 1,5 Gpa (giga pascal). Furthermore, use of 63% of advanced high strength steel to provide high strength in combination with a limited weight.

By combining the above features, the new Rexton is designed to offer a mellow driving experience, with good grip, equal weight distribution on both axles, excellent off-road performance, with superior traction capacity and very limited indicator NVH (Noise, Vibrations, Harshness) as it emerges from the use of a ladder frame and not one piece (monocoque). This option ensures better cushioning, apart from the data better resistance to off-road challenges. Furthermore, studies have shown that the specific frame type to large SUV ensures better behavior in conflicts regarding the protection of passengers, as efficiently absorbs crash energy.

Rally Mexico: danger 2nd position Ogier;

Immediately after the completion of the third round of the WRC, the first five cars of the general classification remained at the site of the Parc Ferme for final scrutineering. The process began at 15:15 local time, with the FIA ​​scrutineers led by Jerome Toquet to conduct the audit. After three hours, the cars were released to get the groups, except the Ford Fiesta WRC of Sebastien Ogier. At 21:15 pm, the final results were announced, but with one important note, which stated that the car of the French World Champion will be investigated further. Specifically, what I want to consider is the Fiesta’s box, which was sealed on the spot and will be checked again in Europe. Danger 2nd French World Champion? This is something that we will learn next meres._P.T.

BMW M5: End of an era for the F10, comes the new F90

almost six years have passed since the day the Bavarians of BMW brought to life the M5 in the generation of which is known to those skilled in the secrets of the M Division creations, codenamed F10. A super-luxury weapon notoriously driven by the known V8 twin-turbo engine of 4.4 liters of BMW, which gives the basic version under the hood of the German sedan 560 horsepower. Because, for the most demanding, is available and the Competition version, with the same powerplant to deliver 575 horsepower.

However, with the new “5ara” have already been presented, the next is the top version prior to coming to replace, with the Bavarians are ready to permanently stop the life cycle of the M5 F10 less a month from now.

But as we have said in our introduction, the Germans have already prepared the “next day” model which already counts 32 years history in the world automobile scene. What’s new … expected to bring with it the M5 F90; While it may sound paradoxical, a transmission system with an automatic gearbox with 8 relations in combination with four-wheel drive system. Yes, that’s right. For the first time ever, the German sedan M Division turns its back on … ancestral principles of integrating a system that consists of an multi-plate clutch -of course- that will be controlled e continuously varying the torque distribution between the two axes.

Like all shows, then, another castle seems to fall. If nothing else, for the sake of security. But of enlargement of sales in markets with increased … sensitivities in this area.

Recall that a few months ago, speaking to British media, o head of those special BMW’s construction, Frank van Meel stated features for the controversial issue as follows:

“our cars have reached a point where their high power forces us to do something. The M Division cars will continue to be pisokinita reasons for philosophy, but this complicates us to sell in certain markets, such as those of Canada and Switzerland. “

The German company therefore not expected to “give up” fully its fans since this new M5 wheel drive system has, through the famous M Dynamic, a program that sends the behest of the driver engine torque 100% exclusively to the rear wheels. Something like drift mode, ie.

The move will still gives the new M5 the same engine, except that the power provided increased in about 600 horsepower.

Referring to the dynamic characteristics of the car, the vice president of BMW, Hildegard Wortmann, said:

“With this car you will get a first taste of the character They have from now on M cars. I rode the new M5 on the track and it really is something special. Our engineers have done a great job. It’s fantastic. “

According to available information, the new BMW M5 will make its official debut next September under the International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt. _X.A.

H Porsche celebrates his 70th birthday Walter Rohrl

The relations of Walter Rohrl to Porsche is common knowledge, with 70 year-old now German is one of the few people in the world who has connected its name from 1993 until today with quite a few sports company structures with prominent natural unique 959, Carrera GT and 918 Spyder, constituting the same time one of the official ambassadors of the famous brand from Zuffenhausen worldwide. Of course, friends of the games and not only the Rohrl is known for the unique driving capabilities demonstrated during the engagement of in the 80 in P.. P. Rally golden era ‘ beasts “of Group B.

Today, on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the driver-legend, Porsche made a gift to the German one 911 R green (PTS Oak Green Metallic-22L), which more featured, as shown and photograph, the garage staff. It is worth adding that the latter is derived from the book «Walter Röhrl: Querlenker», which before only a few days issued. In it one can find over 300 unpublished photographs focusing on the path of Walter Rohrl the races.

In addition to the 911 R, Porsche has decided from 14 March and for exactly two months, to dedicate the driver phenomenal one specially arranged exhibition space known museum located in Zuffenhausen. This report bears the apt name «Genius on Wheels». The visitor will be able there to see up close many of Porsche’s construction and not only with which the Rohrl participated both in P.. P. Rally, and in circuit races.

Also, as announced by the leaders of the German company, very soon one of the turns of the Porsche test center located in Weissach will bring the official name of 70 year-old Germanou._Ch.A.