BMW M5: End of an era for the F10, comes the new F90

almost six years have passed since the day the Bavarians of BMW brought to life the M5 in the generation of which is known to those skilled in the secrets of the M Division creations, codenamed F10. A super-luxury weapon notoriously driven by the known V8 twin-turbo engine of 4.4 liters of BMW, which gives the basic version under the hood of the German sedan 560 horsepower. Because, for the most demanding, is available and the Competition version, with the same powerplant to deliver 575 horsepower.

However, with the new “5ara” have already been presented, the next is the top version prior to coming to replace, with the Bavarians are ready to permanently stop the life cycle of the M5 F10 less a month from now.

But as we have said in our introduction, the Germans have already prepared the “next day” model which already counts 32 years history in the world automobile scene. What’s new … expected to bring with it the M5 F90; While it may sound paradoxical, a transmission system with an automatic gearbox with 8 relations in combination with four-wheel drive system. Yes, that’s right. For the first time ever, the German sedan M Division turns its back on … ancestral principles of integrating a system that consists of an multi-plate clutch -of course- that will be controlled e continuously varying the torque distribution between the two axes.

Like all shows, then, another castle seems to fall. If nothing else, for the sake of security. But of enlargement of sales in markets with increased … sensitivities in this area.

Recall that a few months ago, speaking to British media, o head of those special BMW’s construction, Frank van Meel stated features for the controversial issue as follows:

“our cars have reached a point where their high power forces us to do something. The M Division cars will continue to be pisokinita reasons for philosophy, but this complicates us to sell in certain markets, such as those of Canada and Switzerland. “

The German company therefore not expected to “give up” fully its fans since this new M5 wheel drive system has, through the famous M Dynamic, a program that sends the behest of the driver engine torque 100% exclusively to the rear wheels. Something like drift mode, ie.

The move will still gives the new M5 the same engine, except that the power provided increased in about 600 horsepower.

Referring to the dynamic characteristics of the car, the vice president of BMW, Hildegard Wortmann, said:

“With this car you will get a first taste of the character They have from now on M cars. I rode the new M5 on the track and it really is something special. Our engineers have done a great job. It’s fantastic. “

According to available information, the new BMW M5 will make its official debut next September under the International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt. _X.A.