Bugatti Launches a Loyalty Maintenance Program for Customers

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Bugatti has launched a service program for Veyron customers, who will benefit from a variety of maintenance packages included.

The exclusive brand owned by the Volkswagen Group is taking care of its precious clients, since it wants to keep them satisfied so that they come back for more. Therefore, Bugatti has launched a service program for Veyron customers, which has been called as Loyalty Maintenance Program (LMP).

Bugatti Veyron Loyalty Maintenance Program

The company says that they have created the LMP to “maintain the technical status of the Veyron fleet in the market at the highest level”. The new program will also help the owners of the supercar to reduce vehicle operating expenses, which are notoriously expensive to carry out and maintain even by the standards of the luxury sports market.

The new LMP Program is part of the Bugatti warranty options, which can be extended up to 15 years. While not all the details of the new service program have been released, Bugatti said they will offer a variety of different maintenance packages for the owners of the Bugatti Veyron. And this makes a lot of sense, since drivers who can afford a Veyron are a very diverse group that tend to use their cars in different ways.

“Many owners will enjoy driving their car every day, while others see it as an automotive work of art in their private collection,” said Chris Kelly, director of Bugatti’s Customer Service. This means that individual customers have very different expectations for services. “Now we can meet these expectations much more effectively, according to the standards of our customers.”

The certified quality program includes checking, testing and replacing, if necessary, all the mechanical and body parts of the car. In addition, Bugatti makes all the important technical updates available and grants an extended warranty with each Veyron that goes through the process obtaining a certified seal. The manufacturer even provides assistance to potential buyers of the Veyron to find the most suitable copy and also customizes each unit according to their exact requirements.