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The French U21 youth team coach Ripoll has just announced the new French U21 list. There are also many new faces in the French U21 this period. The most eye-catching is the 19 who just transferred to Leicester City for a high price of 40 million. The year-old midfielder Fofana, in addition to Masson, Colo Muani and Favor are also selected for the first time.

法国U21青年队教练里波尔(Ripoll)刚刚宣布了新的法国U21名单。此期间,法国U21也有许多新面孔。最引人注目的是刚刚以4000万的高价转会莱斯特城的19人。除马森,科洛·穆阿尼(Colo Muani)和法沃尔(Favour)之外,今年一岁的中场球员福法纳(Fofana)也首次入选。

The man of this week is Fofana. At the age of 19, he has just transferred to Leicester City for a price of 40 million euros, which is quite amazing and reflects the potential of this talented central defender. Indeed, Fofana is a true genius. Although he is still a bit frizzy and reckless, his potential on the court is huge. His attack is fierce, he has excellent jumping ability, is extremely powerful in the air, and can also win in ground confrontations. In addition, he is able to assume the role of the midfielder and has good foot skills. With good long pass ability, he often completes the pass in the backcourt and can also take the ball forward when necessary.

这周的男人是Fofana。 19岁那年,他刚刚以4,000万欧元的价格转会到莱斯特城,这真是了不起,也反映了这位才华横溢的中后卫的潜力。确实,Fofana是一个真正的天才。尽管他仍然有些毛躁和鲁ck,但他在球场上的潜力巨大。他的进攻凶悍,具有出色的跳跃能力,空中力量非常强大,并且还可以在地面对抗中获胜。此外,他能够担任中场的角色,并且具有良好的脚步技巧。他具有良好的长传能力,经常在后场完成传球,必要时也可以将球向前推进。

Fofana’s outstanding performance has also been appreciated by Ripoll. This is also his first time in the French U21 squad. This young player who plays a right central defender will first serve as Comte’s substitute. We also look forward to it. (If he can make an appearance) He can show his strength.

Fofana的出色表现也受到Ripoll的赞赏。这也是他第一次进入法国U21队。这位扮演正确的中后卫的年轻球员将首先担任孔德的替补。我们也很期待。 (如果他可以露面)他可以显示自己的力量。

The young man who was dubbed by Saint-Etienne fans as a general of France C is a big surprise for the Ligue 1 this season. Last season, he performed at the right back position like a headless fly. This season he has transformed into a Ligue 1 steals king player. In 5 league games, Masson contributed 29 successful steals. This data is quite amazing. He is a left back. He seems to have become the patron saint of the left of the Green Army.

这位被圣艾蒂安球迷称为法国C将军的年轻人对于本赛季的Ligue 1感到非常惊讶。上个赛季,亚博最新地址他在右后卫的表演就像无头苍蝇。这个赛季,他已经成为一名Ligue 1抢断王球员。在5场联赛中,马森贡献了29次成功抢断。这个数据非常惊人。他是左后卫。他似乎已经成为绿军左派的守护神。

Ma Song can play right back and left back. He should be selected as a right back in this season's big list. He has good athletic ability, fierce grabbing, and good offensive participation, but in terms of position. There are still major shortcomings. We also look forward to this stealing machine to play its own strength in the U21 national team and become a suitable candidate for the team's full-back position.


This season, the young French midfielder Favor joined Brest from Monaco, and immediately ushered in a new break in his career. This young man of Algerian descent has the delicate ball feel unique to North African players. This season he He averaged 2.8 times per game and succeeded. With his beautiful skills, he can appear in the midfield to complete dribbling, and he can also pull to the side to complete accurate crosses. In addition, although the body is not strong, but Favor is also quite hard on the defensive end. Teacher Jiang Sihan vigorously praised Feffer's skills and golf business on Weibo.


A somewhat surprising name, Nantes center Colo Muani was recruited by Ripoll. This 187cm bridgehead striker may bring some different elements to the French U21. In terms of strength alone, Kolo Muani is not very strong. His Ligue 1 debut even made the author think he is a "silly big man", but judging from the performance of these rounds, this descendant of Congo is still It has some good qualities.

里珀(Ripoll)招募了南特中心的科洛·穆阿尼(Colo Muani),这个名字有些令人惊讶。这位187厘米桥头堡的前锋可能会为法国U21带来一些不同的元素。单就实力而言,科洛·穆阿尼(Kolo Muani)并不十分坚强。他的Ligue 1处子秀甚至使作者认为他是“傻大个子”,但从这些回合的表现来看,这位刚果的后代仍然具有一定的素质。

As a center forward, Muani has a wide range of activities. Although he is tall, he has a good dribbling speed and foot skills after pulling the edge. Sometimes he will be a little clumsy, and even drop the ball in a collision, but In many cases, he can still use his physical fitness combined with the technique of his feet to have a pretty good counterattack effect. In addition, as a center forward, Muani also has a good confrontation ability, he can also play a certain pivotal tactical role. Although there are still many immature places, Muani's shining points are obviously his advantages and the reason why Ripoll value him. We also hope that he can play his best in the U21 national team and become the team's backup surprise.


Dimitry Bertaud (Montpellier), Alban Lafont (FC Nantes), Illan Meslier (Leeds United)

Dimitry Bertaud(蒙彼利埃),Alban Lafont(南特足球俱乐部),Illan Meslier(利兹联)

Rayan Aït Nouri (Angers), Benoît Badiashile (AS Monaco), Melvin Bard (Lyon), Colin Dagba (PSG), Wesley Fofana (St Étienne), Jules Koundé (Sevilla), Yvann Maçon (St Étienne)

RayanAïtNouri(愤怒),BenoîtBadiashile(摩纳哥),Melvin Bard(里昂),Colin Dagba(PSG),Wesley Fofana(圣埃蒂安),JulesKoundé(塞维利亚),YvannMaçon(圣埃蒂安)

Maxence Caqueret (Lyon), Ibrahima Diallo (Brest), Romain Faivre (Brest), Mattéo Guendouzi (Arsenal), Boubacar Kamara (Marseille), Boubakary Soumaré (Lille), Arnaud Nordin (St Étienne), Moussa Diaby (Bayer Leverkusen)


Amine Gouiri (OGC Nice), Jonathan Ikoné (Lille), Randal Kolo Muani (FC Nantes), Odsonne Édouard (Celtic)

阿米·古里(Amine Gouiri)(OGC尼斯),乔纳森·伊科内(JonathanIkoné)(里尔),兰达·科洛·穆阿尼(Randal Kolo Muani)(南特足球俱乐部),奥德松·爱德华(OdsonneÉdouard)(凯尔特人)

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