Fiat Chrysler joins a BMW, Intel and Mobileye stop develop autonomous driving

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the BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye if achievement a Fiat Chrysler automobiles (FCA) for the development of a platform leader autonomous driving, at the global level. According to a BMW, a development partnership intends to leverage the strengths, capacities and capabilities of each company to improve a technology platform, offer a Report of development and reduce the rate of release to the market.

of Work Teams of engineers will work together in Germany and elsewhere to ease the process. A Stop to contribute FCA will a technical resources and knowledge, as well as the significant volume of sales, engineering, geographic reach and a long experience in North America.

“to achieve expertise in autonomous driving technology, it is essential to form partnerships between manufacturers and provide a technology,” said the CEO of FCA, Sergio Marchionne. “We integrate this cooperation will allow the FCA benefit directly from synergies and economies of scale are possible when as if affected with a vision and a common goal.”


the project began in July 2016, when the BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye have teamed up to make autonomous vehicles a reality, contributing to the development of award-winning automated driving solutions (level 3) and fully automated driving (4/5 Level) for a production in 2021. Since then, they transport worked in the design and development of an architecture can be used by several car manufacturers around the world, keeping as brand identities of each company.


the work plan to put 40 standalone test vehicles on the streets until the end of 2017 o. With an action, the Group hopes to benefit from the data and learning obtained as a result of the fleet of 100 test vehicles 4 level announced recently by Mobileye, an Intel group, demonstrating the benefit of scale of this collaborative cartilage.

we appreciate the contributions of the FCA and the use of the platform of cooperation, have made substantial workshop during the last year, entering the testing phase and implementation “, said professor of o Amnon Shashua, ceo and CTO of Mobileye.


the Group BMW, Intel, Mobileye and FCA and its development partners and system integrators co-billing-announced, invites and other automobile manufacturers and suppliers of additional technology to join a dash of driving their autonomous in adopting this platform of UM effort to create a solution for an entire industry.

Photo | BMW/Disclosure