H Porsche celebrates his 70th birthday Walter Rohrl

The relations of Walter Rohrl to Porsche is common knowledge, with 70 year-old now German is one of the few people in the world who has connected its name from 1993 until today with quite a few sports company structures with prominent natural unique 959, Carrera GT and 918 Spyder, constituting the same time one of the official ambassadors of the famous brand from Zuffenhausen worldwide. Of course, friends of the games and not only the Rohrl is known for the unique driving capabilities demonstrated during the engagement of in the 80 in P.. P. Rally golden era ‘ beasts “of Group B.

Today, on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the driver-legend, Porsche made a gift to the German one 911 R green (PTS Oak Green Metallic-22L), which more featured, as shown and photograph, the garage staff. It is worth adding that the latter is derived from the book «Walter Röhrl: Querlenker», which before only a few days issued. In it one can find over 300 unpublished photographs focusing on the path of Walter Rohrl the races.

In addition to the 911 R, Porsche has decided from 14 March and for exactly two months, to dedicate the driver phenomenal one specially arranged exhibition space known museum located in Zuffenhausen. This report bears the apt name «Genius on Wheels». The visitor will be able there to see up close many of Porsche’s construction and not only with which the Rohrl participated both in P.. P. Rally, and in circuit races.

Also, as announced by the leaders of the German company, very soon one of the turns of the Porsche test center located in Weissach will bring the official name of 70 year-old Germanou._Ch.A.