Importance of Having a Replacement Car in the Insurance

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The cars have breakdowns and suffer accidents, but it is also necessary to pass maintenance checks and adjustments. If the driver depends on a single car for the development of their daily life and / or work, you should assess the importance of having a replacement car in the insurance when you choose it and hire it.

The vast majority of insurance companies include among their car insurance coverages the one that ensures having an alternative car when the insured vehicle is in the workshop and therefore can not be used.

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However, the importance of having a replacement car in the insurance should be valued in its proper measure. On the one hand you have to know the details of this coverage: what it covers, how and in what circumstances. On the other hand, it is necessary to assess the profile of the driver and the use made of the car, to conclude whether it is essential to include this coverage within the insurance of the car.

Details about this coverage:

The substitution car coverage guarantees the contracting party of the policy that when the insured car is in the workshop it will have a replacement car. But even this principle is not common to all car insurance, there are companies that instead of providing a car, determine an economic compensation for each day that the user can not use his car.

The second important detail to assess is in what circumstances this coverage is valid. Each insurance includes its own conditions. Thus, there are policies that only provide a replacement car in the event of a loss – and only in the event of a loss – but you also have to know what the company understands as a loss.

Finally, we must know the terms of validity of this coverage: How long will the replacement car be available? Is there a maximum or minimum number of days? The same applies in the case of economic compensation.

Driver profile and use:

Drivers who need the car compulsory every day for personal or work issues, and have this vehicle only.

Professional use of the car.

Users with a high risk of suffering losses due to long journeys on a daily basis or through particularly dangerous routes, for example.

Drivers must inform themselves, in the chosen insurance company, of all these specific details in order to assess in their proper measure the importance of having a substitution car in the insurance and combine it with their personal conditions of use to know if it will be profitable to have this specific coverage.