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As the new crown epidemic spreads rapidly abroad, most of the eyes are on the hardest hit areas in Europe.


Compared with European countries, India has not many confirmed cases.


Nowadays, Indians have paid more attention to the epidemic. In addition to government-level control, this huge population and culturally diverse society has also seen a variety of ridiculous anti-epidemic methods and scenarios.


Maharaj, the chairman of the Hindu Lent Association, held a grand "


Similar to the queuing scene for most religious events, this party was very lively and attracted nearly 200 people. Participants dressed in sect costumes, holding ceramic cups, lined up to receive cow urine, or Panchagavya, a mixture made of cow dung, urine, milk, curd, and ghee, and drank them all.


The reason why the cow urine party is held is because the chairman


On January 30, the first confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia appeared in Kerala, India. The patient was an Indian student who had studied at Wuhan University and was diagnosed after returning to India. Subsequently, the epidemic gradually spread to other cities in India. The new confirmed cases were mainly imported from abroad. The main sources were the United States, Europe and the Middle East. The most typical case was the report on March 4, in an Italian tour group of more than 20 people. Fifteen people were diagnosed as patients with new coronary pneumonia at one time.


As of 18:00 on March 23, the total number of confirmed cases in India was 425, 27 were cured, and 8 died.


The data looks good, but according to the analysis of experts, the current spread of the virus in India is mostly limited to travel history and contact with patients in affected areas, and it is in the early stage of the development of the epidemic.


The former head of the Virology Advanced Research Center of the Indian Medical Research Council also warned that


Faced with the spread of the epidemic, the Indian government is gradually strengthening prevention and control measures. In order to curb the growth of imported cases, India has begun to strengthen entry screening at the end of January, screening more than 40,000 people to be tested; the General Administration of Civil Aviation of India also announced that international commercial flights will not be allowed to land on Indian territory from March 22 to 29.


In terms of disease treatment, India is striving to strengthen its testing capabilities through imported testing equipment. Its quarantine institutions and sites at all levels have also built more than 60,000 hospital beds that meet the isolation requirements.


In terms of social epidemic prevention, unnecessary public places have been closed in various places. The capital will close all schools, theaters, cinemas and shopping centers (except grocery stores and pharmacies).


But obviously, the government's conventional epidemic prevention measures are not enough for the Indian people, otherwise they would not resort to cow urine to solve the virus problem.


In fact, in the minds of some Indians, cow urine can solve more than just the problem of preventing and curing the new crown epidemic, and this also has an interesting background.


. In the eyes of Hindus, respecting cows is like respecting gods. Each cow may have Lord Shiva on its back, patrolling the land of India with the great god. It is impossible to justify disrespect of cows.


In real life, cows are revered because they are an important means of production for Indians to survive. Indian people rely on them to grow land, rely on them to produce milk and make milk products, and even cow dung can be used as Source of fuel and fertilizer.


Respecting the cow is not enough. Some extremely devout Hindus also regard cow urine as a sacred object.


Of course, this statement seems to be


If these empirical studies have some credibility, it is puzzling that some people have recently regarded cow urine as the "eternal medicine". This is said to be attributed to the physical fitness function of cow urine. Former Indian Prime Minister Desai said,


And this time "cow urine for the new crown" also has another set of opinions. "Experts" who advocate drinking cow urine pointed out that the reason for the emergence of the virus in humans is that humans eat meat: "Eating meat is the beginning of all problems, and meat is the source of all diseases and negative energy." For this new coronavirus, eating animals The meat does not solve the problem, but drinking animal urine is great.


However, drinking cow urine for anti-virus has been proved to be pseudo-science by many parties. The components of cow urine are only water (94%), organic matter (3.0%), nitrogen (0.50), phosphorus pentoxide (0.03%), potassium oxide (0.65%), calcium oxide (0.01%), which is not toxic.


But in India, where the illiteracy rate is high,


However, some people still get sick after drinking cow urine.


A 40-year-old local worker in the Jorasakho area of ​​North Kolkata organized a "cattle worship" event in a cowshed on the 16th, distributed cow urine to the participants, and promised to drink Magical effect.


Unfortunately, a citizen volunteer on duty near the cowshed fell ill after drinking cow urine, and then complained to the police about the organizer.


After this person was arrested, the Indo Party’s leadership also criticized the arrest: “He developed cow urine, but he did not deceive people to drink it, nor did he force anyone to drink cow urine. Moreover, it has not yet been proven whether it is. It's harmful. How could the police arrest him like this?" Not only him, but the chief military officer of the Indian Party of West Bengal also said that drinking cow urine is harmless, and he himself has no concerns about drinking cow urine.


It seems that apart from modern medical experts, all experts dare to guarantee cow urine.


In addition to drinking cow urine, India also has a series of indigenous methods or exotic methods for epidemic prevention, such as burning statues of the new crown virus, staying in the Ganges water for a long time, bathing in cow dung, sweeping the floor with cow dung, and so on.


Even though these methods seem not so reliable, we can still smell the optimistic attitude of Indians from them——


This optimism can probably be considered part of the survival guide for South Asia. Open the VMate short video app, which is popular in India recently, and search for content related to epidemic prevention. Indians are optimistic about the daily routine of epidemic prevention.


Although India has not issued a rule that one cannot enter the village without wearing a mask, many villagers are still highly conscious.


However, in the current epidemic, masks have inevitably become a scarce thing, and it may be because they do not wear masks. At this time, getting as many masks as possible has become a top priority.


With the mask, epidemic prevention can proceed more smoothly.


This Indian boy, dressed as an ugly "virus", holding a sign that reads "Corona Virus" in his hand, slowly approached two normal people, but was accidentally discovered and disguised as gunmen. "Shooting" in the next second, fell to the ground and died, which can be considered to have the same source as burning virus paper molds.

这个印度男孩打扮成丑陋的“病毒”,手里拿着一个标有“ Corona Virus”的标语,慢慢地接近了两个正常人,但被意外发现并伪装成枪手。在下一秒钟内,“射击”掉到地上死了,可以认为与燃烧病毒纸模具有相同的来源。

For another example, some parents played role-playing games with their children to promote epidemic prevention knowledge: the parents acted like a virus, and the two children quickly put on masks and said No to the virus; when the children were about to shake hands, the virus struck, smart The baby quickly changed his hands to say hello...the scientific spirit of fighting the epidemic does not seem to be lacking.


This "big brother" who is overwhelmingly expressive also emphasized the importance of wearing a mask to everyone. In the video, he wears a peculiar "viral makeup", which can be said to capture the essence of "corona". As a result, he wears a mask. After putting on the mask, he could only lose himself and leave, and his face was full of heartbreak after being rejected...


Different videos spread the same central concept: the virus is indeed a tangible and terrifying devil, but as long as healthy ordinary people wear a mask, wash their hands frequently, and keep the distance between people, the virus is so fragile. Vulnerable.


In these videos, the Indians featured are not celebrity internet celebrities, nor are they experts and scholars. They are the most ordinary people in India. They may not be so knowledgeable and talented under the camera, but all of them are optimistic. The national character of the Indian people who are good at performing and loves entertainment is also more prominent in this epidemic.


In this way, they have not only found a way to make themselves and the audience and fans smile in the gray life of the spread of the virus, but also made various small epidemic prevention measures familiar to everyone through the high transmission efficiency of short videos. Everyday.

这样,他们不仅找到了一种使自己和观众以及歌迷在病毒传播的灰色生活中微笑的方法,而且还通过短视频的高传输效率,使每个人都熟悉各种预防小流行病的措施。 。每天。

. I also hope that this optimistic spirit can be matched with scientific evidence to help them overcome the difficulties caused by the new crown virus.


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