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After the game, U23 teenager Zhou Junchen, who performed well in this game, accepted an interview with reporters. When asked about the team’s offensive performance in this game, Zhou Junchen said: “Today we did not have a particularly good opportunity in offense, but in terms of overall defense, we followed the coach’s tactics. We did not lose this game. The ball, a tie is considered a good result." When asked if the tie of this game will affect the second game, Zhou Junchen said: "This game is over. A tie will let us focus all our attention. Put it on the second game. I hope that I will make adjustments in the next game and strive to perform better in the second game." When asked about a fan who came to the scene to cheer, Zhou Junchen said: "Thank you very much for the fans. Expedition to Dalian to watch our game. It is very happy to have fans watching during the game. The encouragement from the fans is our motivation. Thank them very much."


Wu Jingui, the head coach of Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang team, said at the post-match press conference: "The current game must be very stressful for us, but I can see the players working very hard on the court to face the strong The R&F team. The players are doing their best and they are very good in tactical execution. This game is very difficult for both sides to play. Both shoulders a lot of pressure and are very cautious in the game. After the first game, The players should relax a bit. From a technical and tactical point of view, R&F’s offense is very powerful. During the game we also created some opportunities, the defense did a good job, and the ability to seize offensive opportunities was still lacking. Through this game, the players can calm down and relax in the next game. I believe they will play better."


[Reporter from China Central Radio and Television]


Teams with a high ball possession rate in the Dalian Division are not satisfactory. What is your opinion on this phenomenon?


Wu Jingui: "I have also noticed this phenomenon. After the 2018 World Cup, the French team had a very low possession rate among many teams, and ended up winning the World Cup. We also want to play beautiful football, control the scene, and play very well. Chic. If there is no pressure from performance and other aspects, every team will play beautifully, but this game will only remember the team that won the championship, and other teams may be forgotten. Football is very utilitarian, and it is for every coach In this way, his duty is to get good results and get good results. I think it's normal for the game to be utilitarian. The UEFA Champions League Barcelona has such a beautiful possession, losing 2-8 to Bayern; Manchester City also did not enter the semifinals. So now All football is the pursuit of a good result."


[PP Sports Reporter]


We didn't do very well in grasping offensive opportunities. What kind of tactics did we have before the game today?


Wu Jingui: "This game is not as good as the opponent in terms of overall strength, so we must combine our own actual situation in tactics and strategy. How can the players convert into offense while defending; how to improve offensive efficiency; How to create opportunities. Especially Gao Xiang’s header in front of the goal. He scored such a header in the Suzhou Division. Today, he was not so relaxed psychologically, so he was on the top side. It also created Zhou Junchen’s wing breakthrough and midfielder. Some cooperation. Generally speaking, we are very clear about what kind of team we are. From the coaching staff to the players, we have a clear understanding of ourselves, and we all put a low profile to do it, and everyone puts in more effort Pay."


[PP Sports Reporter]


Regarding the goal of the game and the 0-0 score is acceptable?


Wu Jingui: "I told the players that this is a 180-minute match between two games. This is the end of the first half. Before the game, we were able to score in the first 90 minutes. The players created We got the chance but didn’t grasp it, and it’s acceptable to be able to draw. Both sides want to take the lead in the first round. We are also planning to draw the opponent in the first round. Next, we must put all our motivations In the next game, go and work hard."


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