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   Usually when talking about big beauties, everyone will subconsciously focus on the beauty-like entertainment circle, but to be honest, it's not just that there are fairies in the entertainment circle, there are also many great beauties in other industries. Hei Jiajia, the goddess of chess, praised as "Nozomi Sasaki of the Go world" is a good example.


   Hei Jiajia is praised as "Go Goddess"/"Sasaki Nozomi in the Go world" because of his super good looks

黑嘉嘉因其超凡的外貌而被誉为“ Go Goddess” /“ Sasaki Nozomi in Go world”

   Hei Jiajia is known for being the highest-ranked professional female chess player in Taiwan's history. Born in 1994, Hei Jia Jia Jia is not very young, but his grades are quite good:

黑家甲以台湾历史上排名最高的职业女棋手而闻名。 Hei Jia Jia Jia出生于1994年,虽然年龄不大,但是成绩却相当不错:

   In 2010, Hei Jiajia represented Chinese Taipei in the Guangzhou Asian Games and won the bronze medal in the women's team of Go. In the same year, Hei Jiajia also won the runner-up in the World Women's Championship of the Holy Grail.


  Because of his good chess skills and good looks, in 2012, Hei Jiajia was also selected as the World Go Ambassador.


   In 2013, he won the gold medal in the mixed doubles of the Go women's team in the Taiwan Games and the silver medal in the mixed doubles of the World Intellectual Elite Games.


   In 2018, Hei Jiajia won the second runner-up of the SENKO World Female Stream Strongest.


   Even if the strength is strong, there is no choice in appearance. As a Chinese-Australian, Hei Jiajia inherited the big eyes and white skin of Westerners on the one hand, and on the other hand, he has the gentle and elegant temperament of Eastern women. Many fans are her fans because of this.


   As a "Go Goddess" who looks exactly like Nozomi Sasaki, it is indeed easy to be spotted by the entertainment industry.

作为看上去像佐佐木希的“ Go Goddess”,娱乐界确实很容易发现它。

   Hei Jiajia, who has already flexed its muscles in the chess world, recently made the boldest attempt in his career-stepping into the film and television circles and making a guest appearance in the movie "The Vanished Valentine's Day".


   Black Jiajia Stills

   black J IA家still是

Hei Jiajia said frankly that filming is full of unknowns for her, "Usually you need to keep calm when playing chess to avoid making mistakes. Over time, I have become accustomed to being expressionless, but I must release my emotions when filming, so it is a big challenge. "


   But it seems that Hei Jiajia has successfully completed this challenge. It has been nearly a week since the movie was released on September 18th, and Hei Jiajia has won acclaim from the outside world for her remarkable acting. After the debut of her debut work, Hei Jiajia, the leading actors and actresses, and crew members also went to the theater for roadshows. They were crowded and sought after by a large number of fans. She said emotionally: "I think 2020 is a rather uneasy year. I hope "The Vanished Valentine's Day" "Can bring laughter and warmth to everyone, and hope to bring you more good works in the future."


  'S experience in acting for the first time in a movie made Hei Jiajia more interested in acting. She expressed that she is looking forward to acting in Go-related works in the future or challenging roles that contrast with her.


   It is not easy to star in a film across majors. Hei Jiajia gave the audience watching the movie with her outstanding acting skills and handed in her own high score. It also makes people look forward to her future development in the film and television industry.


   It is reported that Hei Jiajia has been full of work recently. In addition to filming, he has also received many advertisements, event attendance and NHK Go program shooting. However, the acting schedule is busy, and Hei Jiajia still knows the importance of practicing piano skills and dare not slacken in the slightest. She continued to practice chess for two to three hours a day, and she continued to take lessons in Japanese, fitness, and pipa to enrich herself.

据悉,黑家家最近工作量很大。除了拍摄外,他还收到了很多广告,活动出席和NHK Go节目拍摄。但是,表演时间很忙,黑加家仍然知道练习钢琴技巧的重要性,不敢丝毫放松。她每天继续练习国际象棋2至3个小时,并继续学习日语,健身和琵琶方面的知识,以丰富自己。

   Hard work will always pay off! I hope our "Go Goddess" will appear in the public eye more in the future and bring more wonderful works to fans!

努力工作将永远得到回报!希望我们的《 Go Goddess》在未来会更多地出现在公众的视线中,并为粉丝们带来更多精彩的作品!

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