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On October 23, Liverpool coach Klopp attended the pre-match press conference against Sheffield United in the sixth round of the Premier League and talked about the team's internal injuries and preparations.


I can understand that everyone cares about Virgil. He is in good condition, but we can't give an accurate timetable. He will undergo surgery at the right time.


As for the recovery time, people and their physique cannot be generalized, so we can't say when he can return, and there is no need to do so.


Except for Van Dyke and Chamberlain, who cannot play this weekend, there is also Zimikas, who is getting closer and closer to his comeback, but he has not yet reached the competition standard.


The situation of other players needs to be closely monitored every day, and we will always keep in touch with the medical department. So now I don't know who can play on the weekend, but the players who played in the midweek game have no problems.


I do not know. After the conference is over, we will have to train. Then we can see who can resume training. You must resume training before you can consider playing. I don't want to rule out the possibility of anyone coming back until someone tells me, but no one has told me yet, or I didn't listen carefully. But at present, in addition to the three people I mentioned above, other players are likely to play.


We don't care about the scores of other teams. What we have to do is to ensure that the team has a chance to win the game. Of course we don't want to lose the ball, but goals can happen at any time. I don't know what happens in the Premier League.


Sheffield United’s current state is okay, Wilder must be very aware of this. They have a whole week to prepare and their set-pieces are also very threatening, so we care about them now, not the strangeness of the Premier League. score.


We all know how good he is, he is our child, and he will still feel this way. I hope he can have a nearly perfect season, playing world-class performance in all 36 Premier League games. Of course, in addition to playing our two games.


If he plays this game, then we can't let him kick the shot. No matter where he receives the ball, he is a natural shooter.


I like the performance against Everton better than against Ajax, but you need to win. I was very disappointed. Someone asked Tenhag about the Ajax venue and asked him to respond. This is embarrassing because the venue problem is not our excuse. What we have to do is to build confidence and prepare for the game both physically and mentally.


We all know that Fabinho can play as a central defender. He played a cameo as a central defender against Bayern. He performed very well, so I am not surprised by his current performance. But he also needs to adapt again.


I hope that there will be no such problems in future press conferences... What we want is to have a winning streak at home, which is good, and I also love Anfield, a great place. Even if there are no fans coming in, I still like the atmosphere here.


Finally there is something I want to talk about. From the moment he came here, a wonderful story began. Now he has elevated himself to a high level. I also like him very much. He is very talkative. In the last game, I yelled at him like a demon, and he responded later, so I was very happy to work with him.


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