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The Chinese Super League has completed the 14th round of the first stage. During the double festival in October, Shanghai Shenhua was the first team in the Super League to end the off-season. The team regrouped as early as October 3, because Cui Kangxi hopes To get the wounded back to the team faster, Moreno has confirmed that there is basically no major problem, and Jin Xinyu needs to continue to observe.



According to the schedule, Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai SIPG started a direct dialogue on the second stage of the championship. The two games will be held on October 18 and October 23 respectively. On the eve of the decisive battle, although Shanghai Shenhua’s operations were not as arrogant as Shanghai SIPG’s operations, the team did not introduce a big name like the excellent Premier League midfielder Mu Yi like SIPG, but instead set their sights on South America and signed 2 consecutive cost-effective players. .

按照时间表,上海申花和上海SIPG在锦标赛第二阶段开始了直接对话。这两场比赛分别于10月18日和10月23日举行。在决定性战斗的前夕,尽管上海申花的运作并不像上海SIPG的运作那样自大,但球队并没有像SIPG那样引入像英超中场出色的中场穆伊那样的大牌,而是将目光投向了南美并签约。连续2位高性价比球员。 。


Since the registration of Shenhua’s foreign aid Ighalo has been confirmed by the Football Association that it can be invalidated, Shanghai Shenhua quickly completed the reinforcement of two foreign aids. Ecuador’s double stars Martinez and Bolaños have both joined, and both have confirmed that they have completed the Super League registration. , Replacing Martins and Sarawi. From the perspective of Shenhua's adjustment efforts, the team clearly hopes to continue to smash the knockouts and hope to get good results.

由于申花的外援伊加洛(Ighalo)的注册已经得到了足协的确认,因此上海申花迅速完成了对两支外援的加固工作。厄瓜多尔的双星马丁内斯(Martinez)和波拉尼奥斯(Bolaños)都已加入,并都确认已经完成了超级联赛的注册。 ,取代马丁斯和萨拉维。从神华的调整努力来看,团队显然希望继续粉碎淘汰赛,并希望取得良好的结果。


However, the Shanghai Shenhua decisive battle has already won a magic operation before Shanghai SIPG. According to the latest report from a well-known domestic reporter Yang Yi, Shanghai Shenhua revealed in the club press officer that the rent of Ighalo’s stop loss frantically recovered about 1 million euros. The reporter said that Shanghai Shenhua’s signings began to become very cautious, and he offered another masterpiece. In the signing process, he added a stop-loss clause and rejected Martinez and Bora. Nios became a drag on the foreign aid from parallel imports. For this reason, Shenhua only gave two people a five-month contract, and there was one stone with two birds, that is, as long as the performance of two foreign aids did not meet the standard, the agent who operated the two would not receive commission .



What is even more surprising is that once the two foreign aids fail to obtain the renewal contract of Shanghai Shenhua, their agent will have to bear one-third of the buyout cost. It is reported that this is Shanghai Shenhua’s latest scientific signing method. It has a high reference value for other Chinese Super League teams. The stop loss effect will be very obvious, and it is very beneficial to Shanghai Shenhua’s decisive battle against Shanghai SIPG, because 2 foreign players do not have The long-term contract guarantees that they must fight for the contract with all their strength in each subsequent appearance, thus directly mobilizing their enthusiasm and fighting spirit.



In addition, Martinez and Bolaños are fully integrated into Shanghai Shenhua. In order to provide the team with a strong immediate combat power, the two have refused to participate in the October World Preliminaries, and are focused on restoring their fitness and form to face SIPG. You know, Bolaños and Martinez are both Ecuador's most popular international footballers, and the choice not to go back is obviously a great determination. From this point of view, the second stage of Shanghai Shenhua will continue to play a tenacious role and is worth looking forward to.


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