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As we all know, for the smooth restoration of the Bundesliga (Germany Second) League, the German Professional Football League has implemented the most stringent competition discipline and hygiene standards ever. Before the start of the game, the officials tested 1,724 players and staff (only 10 tested positive), and put forward a responsible medical plan and guidelines on venues and event organization, which allowed the German Ministry of Sports and Labor The Ministry and the state governments successively gave the green light for the resumption of the game, and Chancellor Merkel also completed the final assist in accordance with the hearts of the people.


However, how can the identity of the prime minister be reflected without any requirements? When Merkel approved the resumption of the event, she mentioned two specific requirements by the way: one is that all healthy personnel must be quarantined for 14 days before the quarter-finals, and the other is that the event must be officially started in the second half of the month. Such "making things difficult" seems to have to make adjustments to the rematch plan, but the league immediately launched a clever "yin and yang violation" model: first persuaded the prime minister to make a discount, but set a seven-day "isolation period"; at the same time; Postponing the original game on the 15th to the 16th, doesn't this meet the requirements of the "second half of the month"!


Alas, who said the Germans were rigid before?


Accordingly, in order to cut off any possibility of infection, the Bundesliga teams started a seven-day quarantine preparation after the game resumed. For example, Bayern directly booked a hotel in Munich to close it and chartered a plane to Berlin for away games on weekends, while their opponent Berlin United chose to close the training 326 kilometers away from Berlin. The starting point was to prevent players from sneaking home. It's really "fire-proof, anti-theft and anti-player running."


However, the preventive measures of "do not catch diligence or laziness, just catch the one that doesn't have eyesight", but I don't want to really meet the person who doesn't have eyesight! Two days before the start of the game, the new Augsburg coach Heilrich suddenly left the quarantine hotel and went shopping in the nearby supermarket, only because he ran out of toothpaste and skin cream... You read that right, this one went out to buy toothpaste during the quarantine period. The coach was immediately severely punished by the league. He not only had to isolate himself and face the wall for a period of time, but he was not allowed to reunite with his players until after the two tests passed.


Many fans may not know that Heilrich did not take over the Ao Borg coach until after the 25th round of this season, but did not want to suffer the league suspension immediately. Now that the Bundesliga has finally recovered, NZND's Heerrich and the team are "separately", and the unlucky Ao Borg was killed by Wolfsburg in this round. Alas, the change of coaches of other teams is like changing the knife. Could it be that Ao Borg changed a nail clipper? In this regard, Heilrich, who has not yet ushered in the coaching debut of Auberge so far, apologized and said: "I'm sorry, I

许多球迷可能并不知道,海尔里希(Heilrich)直到本赛季第25轮之后才接任奥博格(Ao Borg)教练,但不想立即遭受联赛停赛。现在德甲终于康复了,NZND的Heerrich和球队“分开”了,不幸的奥伯格在这一轮被沃尔夫斯堡杀死。 las,更换其他团队的教练就像换刀一样。可能是奥伯格换了指甲刀吗?在这方面,至今尚未迎来Auberge教练处女作的Heilrich道歉并说:“对不起,我

It is reported that the pair conducted three team tests within a week. One player was detected for the first time (then was quarantined), the team was negative for the second time, and the two cases of positive players were detected for the third time. You know, as the second largest city in eastern Germany after the capital Berlin, Dresden's performance during the epidemic was remarkable. The number of confirmed diagnoses in Germany has exceeded 170,000, but there are only 591 people in Dresden, of which 534 were cured and 9 died. However, among the current 57 patients, the players from Dynamo Dresden account for 3? ! Let's take a look at Dresden's current ranking at the bottom of the Bundesliga second ranking. Thinking carefully, is it a big game?

据报道,两人在一周内进行了三项小组测试。第一次检测到一个球员(然后被隔离),球队第二次被否定,并且两次检测到正面球员的情况第二次被发现。您知道,德累斯顿是仅次于首都柏林的德国东部第二大城市,在疫情期间的表现令人瞩目。在德国,确诊病例已超过170,000,但德累斯顿只有591人,其中534人被治愈,9人死亡。但是,在目前的57名患者中,德累斯顿迪纳摩的球员占3名? !让我们看看德累斯顿目前在德甲第二排名底部的排名。仔细考虑,这是一场大比赛吗?

"Big brother, why don't you come to hug me?" "Brother, you have the ability to take two steps forward?"

“哥哥,你为什么不来拥抱我?” “兄弟,您有能力向前迈出两步吗?”

What to do when facing what Wanfu points to? The best answer is to stir (sophistry)! Boyata responded: "It was not a kiss or a celebration. Of course, I apologized for putting my hands on Grujic's face, but I was just explaining a set-piece tactic to him. "Well, a DRC player explains tactics to a Serbian teammate? After all, it’s the capital team, so the players’ language talent is high!


Not only that, but attentive fans will also find that, in order to avoid touching and touching the same item one after another, the substitution number plate was actually raised 2 meters away from the sideline by the assistant coach Herta wearing a mask. As for the fourth official who was supposed to be responsible for this work, he was copying his hands and playing a small song on the side...


Not only that, in view of the lack of training intensity when players were isolated at home, and the significantly higher risk of injury after the rematch, FIFA recently introduced a temporary new rule that allows 5 players in a single game to be replaced within 3 times. Each participating team decides whether to adopt it or not, and the Bundesliga official who has just rematched clearly announced that this new set of rules will be adopted during the rematch of this season. Only on the first match day of the Bundesliga semi-finals, there seemed to be a number of game substitutions and adjustments that violated temporary regulations, and even the media questioned this. For example, Schalke 04 completed 4 substitutions in the match against Dortmund (a total of 5 substitutions).


It needs to be explained that the reason why FIFA has increased the number of substitutions (from 3 to 5) without increasing the number of substitutions (still at most 3), the main purpose is to prevent too many substitutions. Net time of the game and interruption of the continuity of the game. In this regard, the Bundesliga has added a supplement to the application of FIFA’s provisional regulations, namely


As mentioned above, in response to the special situation of the epidemic, FIFA has recently introduced a new temporary provision for 5 players in a single game, and the miners have become the first team in the history of world football to enjoy this policy. What’s more interesting is that Becker, who came off the bench, just joined the miners from the amateur team last summer, and he actually put his name in the history of football. If you knew this moment was so great, the 23-year-old defender You shouldn't be so ignorant when you debut, right?


Different from the previous players who are well-behaved, the next player who is replaced is terrific!


In Bayern's 2-0 defeat of Berlin United, the "two baby" Muller replaced in the 89th minute of the game. Perhaps he found inspiration from the substitution method of the previous day’s competition. Mueller, who was unable to high-five, performed the Chinese kung fu of "punching the Nanshan Tigers and kicking the Beihai Canglong" when he was replaced. What does it mean to kick directly on the head coach Frick's ass?


"Surprised! A certain Bayern player actually punched and kicked the coaching staff after he left the field!" It is true that even Bayern officials can't look at it, but fans who are familiar with Mueller generally reacted: Why is Mueller's kicking so familiar? It is reported that just three days after the game, the Muller horse gave birth again...


In fact, according to the official Bundesliga design, the current stadium is not without caddies, but strictly controls the number of caddies. Considering that the empty stands cannot help the caddie get back the football, the common choice in each arena is to place multiple balls on the side of the stadium as a reserve. So in the game, the Berlin United players can pick a ball for luck before throwing the ball, so that the commentator Li joked "This reminds me of a tennis game (you know)".


Even so, these two fans can still proudly say: "After the Bundesliga rematch, we are the only'live' fans."


Dort’s goalkeeper Burki said after the game: “We talked about the empty game for a long time before the game and said that it’s no different from playing when we were young. Without spectators, we still have fun. That’s what we did today. Supporters are a great result."


It was previously introduced that during the suspension of the league, the fans of Borussia Munchen initiated a paper-man fan production activity. By paying 19 euros, each fan can make a cardboard with his own photo and place it in the grandstand of the Munchen home stadium. In the designated seat. According to the latest report,


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