Liberty Walk is already operating in Europe. Three cars will be taken to the London Auto Show.

Maybe you do not know (without torture, I admit that I was also surprised) that the savage Japanese adaptation company Liberty Walk, founded by Wataru Kato, already counts, in addition to the USA. UU., Where regularly reports on the exhibition of SEMA in Las Vegas, representation also in Europe. Liberty Walk UK is based in Wellingborough, North Carolina, United Kingdom, beginning in early 2016, but it began to be quite ridiculous: it introduced a car last year at the London Motor Show.

In Europe, LB plans to focus mainly on European sports cars, so it will be fine-tuning Lamborghini Aventador and BMW M4 in London, but it is remembered, however, also in the import scene it represents, certainly not surprisingly, The well sold Nissan GT-R. It is hoped that the Japanese publisher will be present in the near future in car showrooms such as Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt or Essen. Liberty Walk creates not only aggressive body kits, but also produces leaks and tuned components for air chassis that your creations need. 🙂

Honda Civic: even the sixth-generation coupe can become a decent package

There is no doubt that the ownership of a Japanese car preserved in the 1980s can be considered an investment, sometimes with such a polish that it is able to buy with very good money. But what about the cars of the turn of the millennium? There are full bazaars and there is so little that sometimes you say it's stupid to buy it. But there are exceptions, which of course are related again to the condition of the automobile. A couple of weeks ago, the Honda Civic Coupe Si was sold in 2000 for a little credible $ 22,750, or nearly $ 480,000.

It has its own reasons: the American Civic Si is similar to our VTi, so it is the car with a 160cc DOHC VTEC cult, rotating 8000 / min and a second had this particular car driven alone 16,800 km, its previous owner was a certain Honda collector who deliberately kept the coupe in this condition. Still, it definitely requires the buyer to take a fancy note, half a million is really a lot of money. On the other hand, it makes it clear that the collectors' pieces are already sports cars that are slowly preserved and are preserved in the mid-nineties. If you have a home like this, begin to consider whether it is convenient to get rid of it. 😉

Toyota and Volkswagen have entered into a strategic partnership!

Although Toyota is the world's largest independent automaker, it has recently combined forces with its competitors: BMW has developed a sports car and works on hydrogen systems, and Mazda has completely assumed the model, with PSA working on the mining and transport sector and now also friends with Volkswagen. Although it is not about Toyota or VW, the fact is that both car giants have joined forces in commercial vehicles

Hino Motors, the manufacturer of Toyota utility vehicles, signed a strategic partnership agreement with Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH, dedicated to a similar business within the VW Group. Hino and Volkswagen want to cooperate especially in the development of hybrid systems for trucks, but also in the development of diesel engines, new systems of connectivity and autonomous control

Companies promise to reduce development costs at least in half, but the selling interests of both brands will not be affected in any way. Hino sells 70% of its vehicles in Japan and the rest in other Asian markets, starting to develop businesses in North America and Africa, while Volkswagen operates through Scania in Europe (and partly in Asia), while MAN Truck and Bus Company sell cars in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America

Nissan Sylphy EV: a new electric compact

The first unofficial photo of the new Nissan electric vehicle appeared on the network. It is a (still) carefully classified model, which will be officially presented in two weeks at the Beijing Auto Show with Sylphy EV. However, the world premiere will be of particular importance to Chinese customers, a car that will be produced together with the Dongfeng brand and will not be sold anywhere else in the world. The car itself is not surprising, the compact Sylphy sedan is commonly produced and sold in China, the electric model is only distinguished by the letters on the door and boot lid, the shape of the lower front bumper and the lid on the hood, hiding in the style of blade loading orifice

According to the information available, Sylphy EV will be equipped with an electric motor of 110 hp and can drive at a speed of up to 144 km / h. Currently, Chinese media estimate it will be around 200-250 km, similar to the Leaf model.

Honda CR-V: We could have a convertible!

Honda has been having fun with the CR-V Roadster in April of this year, which was especially interesting because it was a real car, ready for a roof and therefore totally unusable in terms of maintaining the necessary rigidity. But probably do not remember that years ago, the CR-V came as a cabriolet (or better known as a semi-convertible). Today the SUVs are presented as something new, but definitely not, just look for the original willys, but even Jeep Wrangler or stay in the Japanese waters: Suzuki Vitara and X90. And Honda could also have a car of this type. On the basis of the first-generation CR-V, the CR-V Open Air semi-chiller was built by the Finnish body Valmet in 1998 and offered Honda the possibility of producing on a small scale. But you already know the conservative Honda: somehow it did not happen …

The current Honda CR-V would not be a good option for such a conversion, but it might not be a bad idea to make a convertible from the current HR-V, for For example, Volkswagen is preparing a similar project with a remarkably sized T-Roc model. When there is no possibility of having a classic convertible, at least SUV … 😉 I know there is no such thing, but it would be good