pollutants Scandal: Under investigation and Renault

This is not the first time that the French authorities put their sights on Renault. This time it is the turn of investigators Directorate-General for Competition, Consumption and Anti which attempt to research is underway to discover if Renault has deceived the relevant country [19459004environmentalservices] to get specific models of the necessary certification by use emissions manipulation software . More specifically, current publishes the newspaper Liberation reveals confidential, as she calls them, information stemming from a 39selido document-finding related to research this conducted by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Anti-Fraud.

“The French company adopted a strategy aimed at distorting effects on pollutant measurement tests” states the document in question features

According to report, the tests carried out have shown significant differences between the results in the laboratory and on the road for models Clio and Captur . Specifically, exceedances of carbon dioxide emissions in the case of the first reached 305% and the second 377%.

“These results enable fraudulent use is suspected of a device that modifies the engine to reduce emissions,” typically refers to the General Report Directorate of Competition, Consumption and Anti-Fraud.

According to Liberation, such a scandal is likely to concerns about 900,000 cars of the French manufacturer.

In response, Renault says there has accessed the DG Competition report, Consumption and Anti-Fraud and therefore “can not confirm the accuracy, completeness and reliability information published in this article. “ Nevertheless, the French company was quick to clarify that “its vehicles not equipped with software that deceives affecting antifouling engine systems.” _CH.A.