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亚博最新地址-7战狂造11球!穆帅激出最强凯恩 热刺魔鬼14天豪取5胜1平
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亚博最新地址-7战狂造11球!穆帅激出最强凯恩 热刺魔鬼14天豪取5胜1平

7-2 home victory over Maccabi Haifa, Tottenham successfully qualified for the Europa League. In this campaign, the team's top star Kane contributed 3 goals and 1 assist. Under the frequent devil schedule, Mourinho, who has completed six small goals in the past 14 days with 6 matches, 5 wins and 1 draw, can safely prepare for the battle with Manchester United in two days.


At the beginning of the season, Tottenham were the most "difficult" team in the Premier League because of their terrifying schedule. In 20 days, 9 games were originally required (8 after the cancellation of the third round of the League Cup), which is also an important reason why Sun Xingmin, who is in a state of burst, suffered injuries. No matter how difficult it is, Mourinho and his team cannot back down, because qualifying for the Europa League is very important for the club.


On the one hand, with regard to the club’s revenue, although the Europa League’s revenue is relatively "dismal", it is also actively helpful under the premise of the impact of the epidemic and a lot of expenditure this summer; on the other hand, the competition for the Premier League is increasing. Under difficult circumstances, the European Union can not only open up a "second battlefield", but also become a way for Tottenham to compete for the championship. Last season, Mourinho and Levi expressed on multiple occasions that they hope Tottenham can win a championship trophy as soon as possible.


Faced with Maccabi Haifa, who previously eliminated Rostov, a frequent visitor to the European war, Tottenham won relatively easily. The top hero is Harry Kane.


From less than 2 minutes of opening the goal, outflank the score, to the subsequent penalty kick, and then to complete the dexterous shot in the forward, the hat trick "Get"! It is worth mentioning that Kane, who now assumes more organizational responsibilities on the offensive end, gave Loselso an assist in this game.

从开球不到2分钟,射门得分,到随后的点球大战,然后完成向前的灵巧射门,这顶帽子戏法“ Get”!值得一提的是,凯恩现在在进攻端承担了更多的组织责任,他在这场比赛中为洛塞尔索提供了帮助。

Since the beginning of last season, Kane has contributed 11 goals in 8 European games, which is an excellent data. Moreover, in the 7 games at the beginning of the new season (5 starts), he already has 6 goals and 5 assists. There is no doubt that this is the best Kane that Mourinho has after taking over the team.


Although Sun Xingmin can play for Manchester United is still in doubt, but with Kane in such a state, Mourinho can definitely set the goal of this game as a victory. There are not many stories between Tottenham and Manchester United, Mourinho and Manchester United. The recent war of words between Mourinho and Solskjaer also needs to be concluded by the outcome of the game.


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