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With three wonderful goals and a breathtaking half, Real Madrid defeated Ebar and successfully started the season's sprint journey. Zidane ranked the most efficient frontcourt combination this season in the first game after the rematch. Hazard, who returned from injury, and Rodrigo, who returned to the starting lineup, brought the team's much-needed vitality. Bell and Vinicius also Get a chance to play off the bench. However, considering that Asensio has not been tested in actual combat, the main right-wing candidate that has plagued Zidane for a long time has not yet fully surfaced.


The offseason just past is very important for Real Madrid. The passage of time will make the outside world forget their poor performance in Biamarin. Hazard and Asensio, who had been reimbursed for the season, can catch up with the rematch, Zidane Seeing the hope of improving the team's offensive efficiency by tapping the potential internally. In order to prepare for the devil's schedule in the near future, Mendiliba chose the strategy of "Tianji Horse Racing". Evar, who appeared at the Di Stefano Stadium, lacked half of the main players, and the Basque Derby three days later was the focus of their attention.

过去的休赛期对皇马非常重要。时间的流逝会使外界忘记他们在比亚马林的糟糕表现。本赛季获得补偿的哈扎德和阿森西奥可以赶上复赛,齐达内(Zidane)看到了希望通过内部挖掘潜力来提高球队的进攻效率的希望。为了准备在不久的将来的魔鬼时间表,Mendiliba选择了“天极赛马”的策略。出现在Di Stefano体育场的Evar缺少一半的主要球员,三天后的巴斯克德比成为他们关注的焦点。

Mendiliba took the initiative to show weakness, and Zidane seemed more aggressive when arranging troops. F. Valverde and Mendy, who had been firmly established in the main lineup before, were left behind. Marcelo, who was offensive and defensive, started the field. Rodrigo got another starting opportunity after five months. In the 27 league games that have ended this season, Real Madrid has encountered zero seals six times, and the problem of forward weakness is more prominent. The combination of Benzema, Hazard and Rodrigo, who has dedicated a home victory over Galatasaray and Real Sociedad in the first half of the season, is the most efficient striker combination that seems. After Hazard returns from injury, he will inevitably occupy a starting spot, Zidane needs to choose the next right-wing starting candidate through the game.

门迪利巴(Mendiliba)主动表现出软弱,而齐达内(Zidane)在安排部队时显得更具攻击性。 F. Valverde和Mendy之前在主要阵容中已确立地位,但他们被甩在了后面。攻守兼备的马塞洛(Marcelo)开始了这一领域。罗德里戈(Rodrigo)在五个月后获得了另一个起步机会。在本赛季结束的27场联赛中,皇家马德里六次遭遇零封,前锋弱点的问题更加突出。本赛季上半场曾在主场击败加拉塔萨雷队和皇家社会队的本泽马,哈扎德和罗德里戈的组合似乎是最有效的前锋组合。危险事故受伤后,他将不可避免地占据首发位置,齐达内需要在比赛中选择下一位右翼首发候选人。

Only three minutes into the game, Cross broke the deadlock with his personal ability. The experienced Real Madrid did not implement high position pressure after taking the lead, but recovered the front line near the midfield to induce Evar to press on the offense. Real Madrid will quickly pass through the midfield after stealing, launching fast breaks from both sides. When Ebar concentrated heavily on blocking Hazard and Marcelo, Cross and Casemiro would use the transfer ball to burn the flames to the other side of the wing, Benzema and Modric took turns to assist on the flanks Rodrigo.


It is difficult for Hazard to find a breakthrough space on the left. Rodrigo's forced breakthrough on the right did not create a substantial threat. The two players changed positions in the middle of the first half and achieved good results. Hazard, who came to the right, found the feeling in an instant. He first assisted Ramos to expand the score, then cooperated with Benzema and then cut into the penalty area and shot, causing Ebar's goalkeeper to let go. Marcelo's goal almost killed early Dead game.

危险区很难在左侧找到突破空间。罗德里戈在右侧的强行突破并没有造成实质性威胁。两名球员在上半场中途换了个位置,取得了不错的成绩。来到右边的Hazard立即发现了这种感觉。他首先协助拉莫斯扩大比分,然后与本泽马合作,然后切入禁区射门,导致埃巴尔的门将放开。 Marcelo的进球几乎杀死了Dead的早期比赛。

La Liga defenders generally have solid basic skills, are good at handling the ball in a small space, are more accurate in judging the line and position, and the defense between each other is also in place. It is difficult for Hazard to get such a large space in the Premier League, teammates Support for him is very important. There are similarities between Marcelo and Hazard's play styles, the two will have overlap in running on the same side wing, and the hidden dangers of the defensive end are also greater.


Hazard suffered a hamstring injury before the season and missed again due to injuries in the middle of the season, which is tantamount to a wake-up call to Real Madrid. The tactics designed by Zidane must reduce the load on Hazard. Active defense can make the Belgian look diligent, but it is not cost-effective for Real Madrid in the long run.


Ferran Mendy is more suitable for the left gate. He can base Hazard on the defensive end, cover the outside in the offense, and "push" Hazard into the rib area suitable for him. This left-sided combination has very good technical complementarity. Together with Cross and Benzema, who are often active on this side, Real Madrid's left can form a three-dimensional rotating structure, restoring the European super-class left in the C Ronaldo & Marcelo era. The style of road combination.

Ferran Mendy更适合左门。他可以将Hazard放在防守端,在进攻中遮挡住外部,然后将Hazard“推入”适合他的肋骨区域。这种左侧组合具有很好的技术互补性。与经常在这一侧活跃的克罗斯和本泽马一亚博最新地址起,皇马的左脚可以形成三维旋转结构,从而恢复了罗纳尔多和马塞洛C时代留下的欧洲超级豪门。道路组合的风格。

In order to cope with the next intensive schedule and test the game state of more players, Zidane made consecutive substitutions at the beginning of the second half. The young Vinicius, F. Valverde and Militan got performance opportunities, and Bell, who was marginalized before the offseason, also got 30 minutes of playing time.


In Zidane’s early planning of the "Galaxy Phase III" blueprint (433), Benzema occupies the center position, Hazard provides blasting damage and passing support on the left, and the right wing needs a strong scoring ability and In the counterattack, a forward/wing forward who can quickly create depth capabilities to form a rotating asymmetric offensive structure, Bell with strong impact can be competent for this role. However, based on the consideration of maintaining offensive and defensive balance, Bell still has to undertake more onerous defensive tasks in this system, and continuous combat in the short term will increase his risk of injury.


Zidane ran out of five substitutions in this campaign, and the closely watched Asencio failed to play. The frontcourt generalist who has recuperated for 11 months due to injury can only continue to wait for the opportunity. Asensio has the characteristics of traditional Spanish attacking handball with outstanding sense of handball and delicate technique. He handles the ball in a fast break simply and practically, and has a strong threat to the goal. Asensio's off-ball ability is not particularly outstanding, and he is more suitable to appear on the left (as a wide midfielder) to ensure the offensive and defensive balance. Whether he can form a tacit understanding with Benzema and Hazard in the 433 system is unknown.

齐达内在这次竞选中没有5个换人球员,而受到密切关注的阿森西奥(Asencio)未能出场。因伤休养11个月的前场通才只能继续等待机会。 Asensio具有西班牙传统进攻手球的特点,具有出色的手感和精湛的技术。他简单实用地在快攻中控球,对球门构成了强烈威胁。阿森西奥的场外能力并不是特别出色,他更适合出现在左边(作为一名中场球员),以确保攻守平衡。他是否可以与433系统中的本泽马和危险形成默契。

From the Western Super Cup with Valencia and Atletico Madrid, to the national derby victory in the second round, the "Galaxy Phase III" has dedicated a lot of famous games since it set sail. The lack of ability to abuse food affects the team's league points. main reason. Real Madrid's frontline lacks a super productive shooter, and Hazard's injury has exacerbated the tactical turmoil. Zidane can only continue to make trial and error, and the record naturally fluctuates. Hazard is in good shape after his comeback. In theory, the right-wing candidate who can complement him is Bell. If the Welshman is really "in good shape" as his teammates say, the eye-catching BBH combination may become Real Madrid's sprint in the season. Relying on the stage, Asensio will also continue to play the role of the backup surprise soldier he is familiar with.

从与巴伦西亚和马德里竞技的西部超级杯,到第二轮全国德比大赛,“银河三期”自起航以来就献出了许多著名的比赛。缺乏滥用食物的能力会影响球队的联赛积分。主要原因。皇家马德里的前线缺乏出色的射手,哈扎德的伤病加剧了战术动荡。 Zidane只能继续进行反复试验,并且记录自然会发生变化。复出后,危险状况良好。从理论上讲,可以补充他的右翼候选人是贝尔。如果威尔士曼真的像队友所说的那样“状态良好”,那么引人注目的BBH组合可能会成为本赛季皇马的冲刺。依靠舞台,Asensio还将继续扮演他熟悉的后备突击士兵的角色。

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