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Within a week, the Serie A league went from being empty, rescheduled to completely shut down. Hannover's Hubbs became the first professional player to be diagnosed in the country where the five major leagues are located.


Within one day, Italian stars Rugani and Gabriel Dini were diagnosed, Arsenal coach Arteta was infected, Chelsea player Odoi was diagnosed, three Leicester City players showed suspected symptoms, La Liga, Portugal and the Dutch League were completely suspended. Part of the game was postponed, and there was news that the European Cup was about to be changed to next year.

一天之内,意大利巨星Rugani和Gabriel Dini被诊断出,阿森纳教练Arteta被感染,切尔西球员Odoi被诊断出,三名莱斯特城球员出现可疑症状,西甲,葡萄牙和荷兰联赛被完全暂停。比赛的一部分被推迟了,有消息说欧洲杯即将改为明年。

A month ago, no fan could imagine that the new crown virus would invade European football at such a speed. And the slowness and stubbornness of the entire European football scene in the face of the epidemic is also beyond our understanding. So the question is, why is it so difficult to stop European football? What impact will the shutdown have? How are points and rankings calculated? This article is made up of


Over the past two decades, European football has developed too fast.


Commercialization has developed rapidly, broadcasting rights and sponsorship fees have risen, capital in the Middle East and North America has entered the war, and player salaries and transfer fees have risen wildly. A few years ago, every player worth 30 million was a name familiar to experienced fans. And now, those people with their own worth of 50 or 60 million euros appearing in the news, you even need to use search engines to recognize them.


The entire football arena now has a huge industry scale, and the practitioners of the last century dare not even think about it.


—— The Premier League exceeds 1% of the UK’s overall GDP, and the annual tax can feed half of the country’s police.


-The direct, indirect and traction economic effects brought by La Liga and La Liga have reached 1.37% of Spain’s GDP, which is almost equal to 1.5 times that of the national aviation industry.


In this commercialization frenzy, everyone is expanding wildly. The official broadcasting rights and sponsorship agreements of all teams and tournaments start in three to five years, and it is not uncommon for them to be in seven or eight years. The long-term sponsorship contract has given the team the ability to plan for the future and make money. Many teams make budgets based on these predictable incomes, and then improve the infrastructure, buy people in the transfer market, and give players Open salary.


In this case, a sharp drop in income often leads to serious losses. The budget has been made and the money has been spent. Who will make up the money if it loses? Only rely on the boss. No one can make up for the owner's loss. What if the team doesn't want to invest money? If it is better, it has been saving for several years, but if it is worse, it may be on the verge of bankruptcy.


is it so serious?


of course.


Throughout the clubs in major European leagues, player salaries basically account for 50%-80% of their annual income, and even more than 100% in a single season. For the rich team, the annual salary of two to three billion euros is the lowest standard. Although it may be possible to use the "force majeure" in the player's contract to relieve part of the burden, it is one thing to make sense in law, and whether the player union can accept it is another matter.


Therefore, once the team's income chain breaks, wages may not be able to pay, players may run away, the team may collapse, relegation, bankruptcy, trusteeship... these consequences are enough to keep the club awake all night.


Therefore, the prevention and control measures of national leagues for this epidemic are mainly divided into three steps.


Step1. The league continues to play and money continues to be made.


Step2. Empty games, give up tickets that account for a relatively low income, and keep the broadcast and sponsorship contracts.


Step3. Suspend temporarily and postpone.


As a last resort, the leagues and European wars of various countries will not choose to cancel completely, because the economic losses that the clubs simply cannot afford. For the Bundesliga alone, the direct loss of the cancellation of the season will reach 700 million euros. So now the suspension announcements of major leagues have not said anything, but hope that after the epidemic has eased, even if the empty field is still playing, the season will be finished.


However, due to the borderless policy of the Schengen area, the free movement of people in the European Union, and the slow pace of medical care that developed countries in Europe have long been accustomed to, we doubt that the epidemic can be brought under control in just one or two months.


So a new question arises again, what time should I take to make up the class during the window-free phase?


The winter vacation has passed, and the summer vacation will be hot and affect preparations for the next season. So the theoretical best choice for the club is to make up classes during the European Cup, and the European Cup is postponed or suspended.


Yesterday, the French “Team Daily” stated that UEFA will announce the postponement of the European Cup until 2021 next Tuesday.


watt? The eyebrows are burning, why wait until next Tuesday before the official announcement? Why can't we give all countries' leagues peace of mind so that they can rest assured that they stop?


UEFA’s inner os: "emmm...I hesitated so much... also because of money."


—— In the 2016 European Cup in France, UEFA’s revenue reached approximately 2 billion Euros, an increase of approximately one-third over 2012.


—— In the 2018-19 season, due to the organization of the UEFA, UEFA’s national team revenue increased by 400 million euros to 604 million euros, setting a new high for non-European Cup years.


——In UEFA’s revenue last season, media broadcast revenue accounted for up to 3.3 billion euros, accounting for 86% of the total revenue, of which the UEFA Champions League received nearly 2 billion euros in media copyright revenue.


Therefore, the expansion from the European Cup to the addition of the UEFA Europa League, and the delay in announcing the postponement of the UEFA Cup, and insisting on the Wolves team and the owner’s confirmed Olympiacos playing the UEFA Europa League are essentially the same reason: money!


So everyone may have to say, "It's enough to stop it, why do you fall into the eyes of money?" But the problem is not so simple. Because UEFA has already received money from broadcasters and sponsors. If you take the money, you have to act in accordance with the contract. If you breach the contract, you will not only have to spit out a large amount of money, but you may also pay liquidated damages. This loss UEFA cannot afford. Moreover, UEFA has invested a lot of money in the preparatory work, and it will cause a crit on UEFA.


So everyone may have to say again, "It's not enough to postpone it. Advertisers re-negotiate. Isn't the money still the same?" However, the problem is not so simple.


If it is postponed for a few months, then the entire European professional leagues and clubs will have to make uniform adjustments in the schedule. The ecological law that has long been formed in European professional football will be completely broken, and it may cause national leagues to have no time to play the rest. Season.


Many of the European Cup sponsorship contracts have been negotiated many years in advance. Volkswagen’s sponsorship contract for the European Cup in 2020 was signed in 2017; Alipay’s sponsorship contract for the European Cup in 2020 was signed in 2018; Coca-Cola for Europe in 2020 The sponsorship contract for the Cup was signed in 2019...not to mention that UEFA has not had time to re-sponsor so many sponsors. Even if there is time to talk, sponsor bargaining will be a bloody storm in the context of the economic downturn this year. .

许多欧洲杯赞助合同已提前多年谈判达成。大众汽车(Volkswagen)在2020年欧洲杯的赞助合同已于2017年签署;支付宝的2020年欧洲杯赞助合同已于2018年签署; 2020年可口可乐欧洲杯的赞助合同于2019年签订...更不用说欧洲足联还没有时间重新赞助这么多赞助商。即使有时间讨论,在今年经济不景气的背景下,保荐人讨价还价将是一场血腥的风暴。 。

The New World Club Cup, which FIFA has been preparing for a long time, will be launched in China next summer. They have also invested and collected money. The European Cup is postponed to next year. Wouldn't the New World Club Cup become a "New World Club and Europe" Youth Club Cup"? The competition between FIFA and UEFA over the years for commercial interests is almost torn apart. Who is willing to give in to whom? No one can weigh this kind of multinational organization that is not under the jurisdiction of any government.


So UEFA scratched its head: "Why don't you wait and see, if the host country controls it, the European Cup might still be available."


Unfortunately, in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Cup, this year’s European Cup did not have a host country for the first time but chose to host it in 12 cities in 11 countries. The host cities include: London, Munich, Baku, St. Petersburg, Rome, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bilbao, Budapest, Bucharest, Glasgow... it is useless for a family to control it.


In short, the deadline has been extended, but there will be a lot of troubles. Although everyone is reluctant to move their own cakes, the current rivals are urging UEFA to make decisions-on March 12th, representatives of the five major European leagues and UEFA Secretary-General Giorgio Mar Katie conducted a video conference, except for the Premier League, the other four leagues hope that the 2020 European Cup will be postponed by a few weeks or even next year.

简而言之,截止日期已经延长,但是会带来很多麻烦。尽管每个人都不愿自己动手做蛋糕,但目前的竞争对手都在敦促欧洲足联做出决定-3月12日,欧洲五大联赛的代表和欧洲足联秘书长乔治·凯蒂(Giorgio Mar Katie)举行了视频会议,但英超除外,其他四个联赛希望将2020年欧洲杯推迟数周,甚至明年。

Hmm... The Premier League disagrees.


Hmm... The Premier League confirmed today that all matches this weekend will be played as normal.


Hmm... One hour after the announcement of "normal progress", Arteta confirmed the infection.


However, PFA (Professional Players Association of England) Deputy Executive Officer Barnes said in an interview with The Telegraph: “The players in the Premier League no longer want to participate in the game because they are worried that even if they are playing in an empty field, they will be infected. The risk of the virus." Barnes also said that "PFA will express its position on this matter as soon as possible. Football matches must make way for public relations health."

但是,PFA(英格兰职业球员协会)副执行长巴恩斯在接受《电讯报》采访时说:“英超联赛的球员不再希望参加比赛,因为他们担心即使在空旷的地方比赛也是如此。现场,他们将被感染。病毒的风险。”巴恩斯还说:“ PFA将尽快在此问题上表达立场。足球比赛必须让公共关系健康。”

Therefore, the suspension of the Premier League is just around the corner.


Throughout the world sports arena, it is not that there has been no lockout. In summary, there are probably so many reasons and treatment methods for the suspension.


A. Suspended due to labor disputes. The first five lockouts in NBA history were all due to labor disputes. By the time the game resumes, the employers and employees have already signed an agreement at the negotiating table to discuss all countermeasures, so everyone will directly shorten the season. The 2011-12 NBA season only played 66 regular season games.

A.因劳资纠纷而被停职。 NBA历史上的前五个停工都是由于劳资纠纷。待比赛恢复进行时,雇主和雇员已经在谈判桌上签署了一项协议,讨论所有对策,因此每个人都将直接缩短赛季。 2011-12赛季仅打了66场常规赛。

B. Because of the suspension of the war. Serie A was suspended once during World War I in 1915. At that time, the Serie A was divided into two leagues, the North and the South. The division champions of the two leagues played in the finals. The championship is only two duels with the South Division champion and the North Division champion. But after World War I, the Italian Football Association awarded the Serie A champion to Genoa, the top of the North Division, which also caused Lazio's dissatisfaction. In the 1939-40 season, the English league was suspended due to World War II, but only three rounds were played at that time, so the league was cancelled without a championship trophy.


C. Suspended due to force majeure. In 2003, the League A was interrupted for three months due to the impact of SARS. This change caused everyone to concentrate on making up their homework after the league reopened. In less than a month, they played 7 games, almost every week in double matches. The 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami also caused the temporary suspension of the J-League. After the recovery, a large number of games were played in a short period of time, which made up the schedule.

C.因不可抗力而暂停。 2003年,由于SARS的影响,甲级联赛被中断了三个月。这种变化使每个人都在联赛重新开放后集中精力完成功课。在不到一个月的时间内,他们玩了7场比赛,几乎每周都进行两次比赛。 2011年的日本地震和海啸也造成了J联赛的暂时停赛。恢复之后,在很短的时间内就玩了很多游戏,这构成了时间表。

Although there have been various ways to deal with it before, the above methods are difficult to implement in this season that has been played for nearly 30 rounds. Because like the NBA is just a national game, it is still those teams that are played every year. But in the world of football, there are relegations in national leagues, as well as intercontinental events and quota allocation, as well as national team events such as the World Cup and European Cup that can rival the Olympic Games. The intricacies involved in the suspension make it impossible for passers-by who do not know enough about football to imagine.


——If the final result is directly determined by the ranking before the lockout, then the team that still has the hope of winning/fourth/relegation will not agree. Each team's schedule is different, some have already played the strong team, waiting for the second half of the sprint counterattack. Is it fair to them to be declared out of the game?


——If you cancel the results this year and play in vain, then a team that has a significant lead but has not won the championship after all will not agree, such as Liverpool, which has been waiting for a full 30 years. What's more, how are the places in the European war divided? What about relegation?


——If the championship, European seats, and relegation zone are all changed into play-offs, it will only be slightly better in theory. It's okay for Liverpool to win the championship. If it loses in the play-offs with a 20-point advantage, who can make sense? Even if we don't mention the results, how do we determine the qualifications? In many leagues, there are theoretically as many teams as possible to win the championship and relegation, and just set the number can be noisy.


——If the relegation is cancelled, what about the leader of the secondary league? Leeds United and West Brom in the British Championship are already in sight. After the upgrade, they rely on a year's broadcast share and the solidarity bonus for the next few years to guarantee a minimum of 150 million pounds. Serie B's Benevento has been ahead of second place by a full 20 points. The boss has publicly announced that the suspension can be suspended. However, if the promotion is cancelled, he will 100% divestment and let the team drink Northwestern.


What about players whose original contracts expire on June 30 this year if they are suspended first and then extended later? Can they finish this season on behalf of the original club, and are they willing? What about the transfer window?


Although each situation will cause various countries to wipe their butts, there is no way, and the handling after the shutdown is nothing more than these few methods.


Postponement plan: The European Cup is postponed for one year to grab the new World Club Cup schedule, and the leagues of various countries occupy the original European Cup time.


Minimalist solution: the results of the entire season are voided. Not sure about the rankings, nor will they be awarded championship trophies. After communicating, inform the UEFA of the teams participating in the European War next season.


Shock plan: Based on the ranking at the time of suspension, determine the final ranking of the season.


Controversial plan: use the playoffs to arrange championship and relegation teams. The top four will participate in the championship play-off, and the last four will participate in the relegation play-off.


No solution is perfect. Someone must make sacrifices, great sacrifices.


But this sacrifice is obviously necessary.


China’s experience and lessons learned in the fight against the epidemic show that if the epidemic is to be controlled in time, some economic benefits can only be temporarily abandoned. After all, in the face of so many lives, the trade-offs and economic losses of all parties are nothing at all. What kind of football are you still playing?


Unfortunately, the only lesson mankind has learned from history is that mankind will never learn a lesson. No matter how painful the experience of the predecessors is, human beings will still fall into the same river fatefully.


In other words-to always be lucky for things that do not happen to oneself is the commonality of mankind.


The stands are still full for games that can be entered. The game must be empty, and there are crowds of people outside. The suspension was announced before the last minute, and the protests of the fans were more intense than the club. This is the football environment we once envied, but this time we are not proud of it.


Before the Italian government mandates that the national sports games be held empty, many small clubs still oppose empty games in Serie A meetings because ticket revenue is much more important to them than big clubs. Serie A was completely shut down when the country was diagnosed with nearly 10,000 cases. It was also a decision by the government rather than league organizations and participants.


Previously, other countries seemed to have different policies, but in fact they were only at different stages of the epidemic. Their optimism at the time was no different from that of Italy half a month ago. It wasn't until the thrilling 24 hours in the past that the danger came to his own player or his side, the reaction quickly began. La Liga is the same as the NBA, and the Premier League is still struggling.


But even so, UEFA still only postponed part of the European War, and the UEFA Cup continued to play last night. Even if the European Club Association has stated that it hopes to end the league immediately and postpone the European Cup, UEFA still has to wait until the video conference on the 17th before making a final decision.


With a five-day interval, I don’t know how many new cases will be added to each country and how many players will be added to the confirmed list.


—— Once the new coronary pneumonia becomes severe, it may cause irreversible damage to the lungs, which can almost ruin the career of any player.


——The crowded fans inside and outside the stadium make us in the far east look scared. Let less cynicism, what happened in the past two months has taught us that the world has long been a community of destiny before the epidemic.


No matter how difficult or reluctant the shutdown is, it's really time to use this last resort. Whoever pays for the loss is better than the spread of the epidemic to the point where it can no longer be measured.


Champions, honors, and matter what, they cannot be above life.


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