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In the fourth round of the Premier League this week, Leicester City will sit at the King Power Stadium to welcome West Ham United's visit. Before that, let us get to know the "Hammer Gang".


After an unsatisfactory start, Moyes's team defeated Wolves 4-0. Their goal is naturally to continue this good state. However, in the last round, Leicester City also defeated their strong opponent Manchester City by a big score of 5-2. Both sides have been in good shape recently.


West Ham United has many long-serving players, including captain Mark Noble, who has represented the team more than 400 times since his debut in 2004. In terms of offensive players in the midfield, they have players from all over the world such as Felipe Anderson, Yalmolenko and Lancini. At the same time, England's native winger Bowen, who joined from Hull City in January this year, was in good season and scored twice in the last round. On the defensive line, Cresville, Italian defenders Obona, Balbuena and Diop are experienced.

西汉姆联队有许多长期服务的球员,其中包括队长马克·诺布尔(Mark Noble),自2004年出道以来就代表该队出战400多次。就中场的进攻球员而言,他们来自费利佩(Felipe)等世界各地安德森,亚莫连科和兰奇尼。同时,来自英格兰的边锋鲍恩(Bowen)于今年1月从赫尔城(Hull City)加盟,目前表现不错,在上一轮比赛中得分两次。在防守线上,Cresville,意大利后卫Obona,Balbuena和Diop很有经验。

This summer, West Ham United bought out Soucek, who had previously played on loan. According to reports, the cost was about 14.5 million pounds. In the second half of last season, he played 13 times for the team and scored 3 goals. The Hammers just announced yesterday that another Czech international, Cao Farr, has officially joined from Slavia Prague to reunite with his national team comrades and former club teammate Soček.

今年夏天,西汉姆联(West Ham United)买断了此前曾租借过的Soucek。据报道,这笔费用约为1450万英镑。上赛季下半场,他为球队出战13次,攻入3球。锤子队昨天刚刚宣布,另一名捷克国脚曹法尔已正式从布拉格斯拉维亚队加入,与他的国家队战友和前俱乐部队友索切克团聚。

In terms of player transfer, goalkeeper Roberto and youth winger Deangana went to La Liga Alaves and West Brom, who had previously played on loan, respectively. Forward Ayetti went to the Celtics, Hegil moved to Norwich, veteran Zabaleta and Colombian midfielder Carlos Sanchez left the team after their contract expired.

在球员转会方面,守门员罗伯托和青年边锋迪安加纳分别去了之前租借过的西甲·阿拉维斯和西布朗。前锋阿耶蒂(Ayetti)去了凯尔特人队,黑格尔(Helil)搬到了诺里奇(Norwich),老将扎巴莱塔(Zabaleta)和哥伦比亚中场卡洛斯·桑切斯(Carlos Sanchez)在合同到期后离开了球队。

Before coaching West Ham again, Moyes also led Preston, Everton, Manchester United, Real Sociedad and Sunderland. He led the Hammers for the second time in his career at the end of 2019. The last coach Pellegrini was fired after the team lost 1-2 at Leicester City last season. Currently, Moyes has an 18-month contract with the team, which will expire next summer.


His first game after taking office was a 4-0 victory over Bournemouth, and then another 4-0 victory over Gillingham in the FA Cup. The Scottish coach has enough experience to work in Goodison Park for 11 years, and then led the Red Devils Manchester United.


At the beginning of his coaching career, he led Preston to a successful promotion from the third level, and then reached Merseyside, and in the 2004/05 season for Toffees to win the Champions League qualification. Although they did not pass the qualifying rounds, Toffee's record always remained in the upper half of the league standings when Moyes led the team.


However, after succeeding the meritorious coach Sir Alex Ferguson, Moyes's career at Manchester United was not smooth. Although he won the Community Shield championship, fans were still disappointed in him. The Glasgow-born coach left the team in the spring of 2014. In November of that year, he joined Real Sociedad La Liga. Although the team's record had improved at the beginning of the lead, he still encountered a dismissal a year later.


After that, he replaced Allardys to coach Sunderland, but the only season in the Stadium of Light ended in relegation. Later that year, Moyes moved into the Hammers for the first time. His goal was to lead the team to relegation, and this time he managed to do this, leading the team to a safe zone in the 2017/18 season. After completing the task, West Ham United did not renew his contract. But he came back here again at the end of last year and once again accepted the team's relegation task.


At the end of last season, the Hammers finished their journey with a score of 5 points higher than the relegation zone.


West Ham United’s start was not smooth. They lost to Newcastle and Arsenal in the first two rounds, but the team's condition is developing in a good direction. The most recent game they beat Wolves 4-0 was the best. prove. After this, they rose to 11th in the standings. In the League Cup, after a series of victories, they lost to Everton this week and were eliminated and stopped in the fourth round.


Leicester City and West Ham United have played 134 times in official matches, West Ham United won 52 times and Leicester City have 49. The two sides are basically evenly divided.


However, in the dialogue in recent seasons, Leicester City has gradually gained the upper hand, including last season's double play. In December 2019, we won 2-1 at the London Bowl and another 4-1 at King Power Stadium a month later. In the last 12 games of the two teams, Leicester City have only lost 1 game.


Since its establishment in 1895, West Ham United has achieved some success in China and Europe. The Hammers won the FA Cup three times in 1964, 1975 and 1980 respectively. They also won the Charity Shield (back Community Shield) in 1964, and won the England Second Division Championship twice in 1958 and 1981.


In 1999, West Ham United won the International Toto Cup in a contest with Juventus and Montpellier. In 1965, they defeated Munich 1860 2-0 and won the European Cup Winners' Cup.

1999年,西汉姆联在与尤文图斯和蒙彼利亚博最新地址埃的比赛中赢得了国际多托杯。 1965年,他们以2-0击败慕尼黑1860,赢得了欧洲优胜者杯。

West Ham United moved to the London Bowl in 2016, after they played for a century at Upton Park. Now, this large stadium with a seating capacity of 60,000 spectators was originally used as the venue for the 2012 London Olympics. Since then, due to its versatility, the stadium has hosted baseball, rugby and 2015 racing championships.

西汉姆联队在厄普顿公园(Upton Park)踢了一个世纪后,于2016年搬到了伦敦碗。现在,这个可容纳60,000名观众的大型体育场最初被用作2012年伦敦奥运会的场地。从那时起,亚博网站链接由于其多功能性,该体育场举办了棒球,橄榄球和2015年赛车锦标赛。

After Leicester City, West Ham United will also face several powerful enemies, namely Tottenham, Manchester City and Liverpool. At the end of the season, their schedule is relatively friendly, with opponents including Everton, Southampton, Brighton and West Brom.


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