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亚博网站链接:女子PGA锦标赛金世煐领先争大满贯首胜 林希妤T67

   Beijing time on October 11th, the US Women’s PGA Championship Sunday should attract the attention of all kinds of fans, because after 54 holes, the leaderboard is eclectic and fascinating.


Here are the top ten players in the world who are still looking for their first Grand Slam victory; there are seven Grand Slam champions with a tee distance of only 143; there are also players with a very long tee distance, but only 712 in the world. Dark horse. They are all competing for the championship.


   Other than that, Aaron Nimick Golf Club hasn't had a score under 65, but no one complained.


   If this is not enough. Due to the television broadcast on Sunday, the leading players will also start first instead of being arranged to the last group as traditionally. What kind of Western sceneries this will create, surely everyone wants to see.


Kim Se-young shot 67 on Saturday and remained at the top of the list, leading Brooke Henderson (65) and Anna Nordqvist (68) in the third Grand Slam of the year. Rod. Bogey on the last hole, Kim Se-young's three-round score was 203 (71-65-67), which was 7 under par.


  Park In Fei is the winner of the seven Grand Slam champions mentioned above. He shot 66 to 206 (70-70-66), 4 under par, alone in fourth place. Thailand's Bianca Pagdanganan (Bianca Pagdanganan) is the aforementioned hitting distance is huge, but the world ranking is only 712 players. She is making her grand slam debut, hitting two consecutive rounds of 65, 207, 3 under par, alone in fifth place.

朴飞飞是上述七个大满贯冠军的赢家。他打出66杆至206杆(70-70-66),低于标准杆4杆,仅排在第四位。泰国的比安卡·帕格丹甘南(Bianca Pagdanganan)是上述命中距离巨大的,但世界排名只有712名选手。她正在大满贯赛事中首次亮相,连续两轮以低于标准杆的成绩分别达到65、207、3,仅排名第五。

Four players 208 strokes, 2 under par, tied for sixth place, including the two players who tested positive for the new crown virus this year: Carlota Ciganda (71) and Gaby -Lopez (Gaby Lopez, 68).


Guangzhou player Lin Xiyu caught two birdies, swallowed 4 bogeys and 1 double bogey, and shot 74, to 220 (73-73-74), 10 above par and tied for 67. Bit.


   Kim Se-young has won 10 LPGA victories, including the Blue Bay Masters. Among current players, she is the player with the most LPGA wins among non-major championships. Everyone understands the meaning of a grand slam. It can be said that it changed the entire career.


   However, there are still many obstacles for Kim Se-young to make a breakthrough. In addition to the two atypical players mentioned above, the two closest players are actually equally threatening. Canadian girl Brook Henderson has long been in the top ten in the world (currently ranked fourth in the world) and won a total of 9 LPGA victories, including the 2016 US Women's PGA Championship. Anna Nordqvist also won this Grand Slam in 2009, and won the Evian Championship in 2017.

但是,金世英取得突破仍然有许多障碍。除了上面提到的两个非典型球员外,两个最接近的球员实际上同样具有威胁性。加拿大女孩布鲁克·亨德森(Brook Henderson)长期以来一直位居世界前十名(目前排名世界第四),并获得了9项LPGA冠军,包括2016年美国女子PGA冠军。安娜·诺德奎斯特(Anna Nordqvist)还在2009年赢得了大满贯赛事,并在2017年赢得了依云冠军。

   Park In Fei's 7 Grand Slam titles, 3 of which came from this Grand Slam, and were won for 3 consecutive years from 2013 to 2015. She won a total of 20 LPGA victories. If she wins again on Sunday, she will tie Mickey Wright and become the only four champions in the history of the tournament.

Park In Fei的7个大满贯冠军,其中3个来自这个大满贯,从2013年到2015年连续3年获胜。她总共获得了20项LPGA冠军。如果她在周日再次获胜,她将与米奇·赖特(Mickey Wright)并列,成为锦标赛历史上仅有的四位冠军。

   But Kim Se-young has proven that he is good at fighting tough battles. After bogey on the 4th hole, the Korean girl caught 3 birdies in a row and then birdied the 15th hole to take the lead. At 54 holes, she only missed 8 greens, 42 attempts and 33 fairways, which helped her stay at the top of the list.


"When entering the last day, I will not say that I am nervous, I should say that I am quite excited," Kim Se-young said, "I hope to hit one shot at a time, stay focused, and the results will follow. I am going to play some games now. , And then have a nice dinner to rest for tomorrow."


   Kim Se-young is 27 years old and has been one of the most stable players on the tour for five years. She won 3 times in 2015, 2 times in 2016, once in 2017 and 2018, and 3 times last year. On the one hand, Kim Se-young has not won a Grand Slam, but he ranked second in this Grand Slam in 2015 and tied for fourth in 2017.


   Due to the new crown epidemic, Kim Se-young did not play LPGA for 7 months. After returning at the end of August, he tied for fifth in the Northwest Arkansas Championship, and then tied for 18th in the All Nippon Airways Championship and the Soplet LPGA Classic.

由于新的王冠流行,金世英已经七个月没有参加LPGA比赛了。在8月底返回后,他在西北阿肯色州锦标赛上获得并列第五名,然后在全日航空冠军赛和Soplet LPGA Classic中获得并列第18名。

   "When I rest, I am always ready to play. I am very lucky that there are games to play in Korea and I can participate in it. This really helps me get ready to play against LPGA when I come back," she said.


   Of course the next thing she wants to greet is a strange Sunday. In the final round, she and Brook Henderson and Anna Nordqvist set off at 8:49 local time. The departure time of the last group is 9:22. The players behind the leading group, including Lin Xiyu, were not within the 14-stroke range.




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