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The Northeast cuisine is full of the charm of magic reform.



The user of Sanliu @ 况腰二百假 has published an insightful summary-the four specialties of Changchun: authentic Sichuan spicy soup, authentic Yunnan bridge rice noodles, authentic Taiwanese sausage, authentic Korean grilled cold noodles.

Sanliu @况腰二百假的用户发表了一份颇有见地的摘要-长春的四个特产:正宗四川辣汤,正宗云南桥米粉,正宗台湾香肠,正宗韩式烤冷面。

We are talking about Changchun rather than the entire Northeast. Northeast-style "magic reform" technology has penetrated into the texture of many cities. For example, the famous snack at the subway entrance and school gate-roasted cold noodles.


What is the relationship between grilled cold noodles and Korean cold noodles? Why do many people like to eat cold noodles?


The history of roasting cold noodles does not exceed thirty years at most.


At the beginning of the food documentary "Street Food Fighter Harbin", Korean gourmet Bai Jong-won was in the night market of Harbin Normal University and tasted a roasted cold noodle with beef and potato shreds for the first time. He was full of praise and indirectly. It proves that grilled cold noodles is an authentic Northeast invention, not from South Korea.


Harbin cold noodles are very famous. Out of the Northeast, the golden signature of grilled cold noodles has changed from "authentic Korean grilled cold noodles" to "authentic Harbin grilled cold noodles." Does the roasted cold noodle originate in Harbin?


This is unlikely, and the more widely spread origin is Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province. The process of invention is also coincidental and random as always. In the 1990s, a food stall owner grilled his daily cold noodles on charcoal fire (or deep-fried), and then brushed oil and seasonings, unexpectedly. It's delicious, it became popular. This statement even got the official "stamp". On the official website of the People's Government of Mishan City, there is still an article "Food from Mishan to the Country-Past and Present of Baked Cold Noodles".


Sprinkle oil on the iron plate and smash the cold noodles; knock an egg and push it away with a spatula; after turning it over, brush the sauce and pour sweet and sour water; put a series of ingredients such as ham sausage and other ingredients required by diners, sprinkle paprika and onion Add more coriander as if you don’t need money; the time is about, just roll the cold noodles filled with various ingredients, brush the sauce, sprinkle with cumin, cut into two cm wide rolls, shovel into the paper with a spatula Put two sticks in the small bowl.


"Is this mine?"


"Yes, add intestines, hot and sour, onion and coriander." Personalized customization needs are not wrong, and the order is not wrong.


The sound of "ding" was the sound of money arriving.


Hungry people, tired people, and empty people can all get a little bit of comfort about food from the actions of the cold noodles master Xingyun flowing water in one go.


Roasted cold noodles have their own richness, but this richness does not happen overnight.


In the early roasted cold noodles, most of the cold noodles were baked or fried together one by one; now, most of the cold baked noodles are made of special dry-baked cold noodles-the noodles are made of flour. The sticky force sticks together, and the machine flattens it.


The method has also evolved from frying and charcoal grilling to the mainstream iron plate.


As for the ingredients, according to the memories of some netizens, the ingredients of the old version of the cold noodles were relatively monotonous, even without eggs, just brush some sauce and add a little coriander at most.


However, the ingredients for grilled cold noodles now include eggs, sausage, beef, tenderloin, bacon, chicken fillet, onions, potato shreds, enoki mushrooms, coriander and so on. The ingredients for the cold noodles overlap with the ingredients for the pancake fruit. In fact, snacks with similar methods and properties often share the same ingredients. I have to say that the tongue of the public is the best vote, which determines the present and future of each snack.


Eggs and onions are magical. The addition of eggs not only adds a bit of nutrition to the cold roasted noodles, but also enriches the vision and fragrance-protein and oil will bring a special burnt aroma.


The role of onion in grilled cold noodles is a vegetable, but more importantly, it exists as a spice. The flavor of the onion comes from the sulfur-containing organic matter in its body. After the onion is fried, the organic matter will become softer (sweet, because the energy stored on the onion is converted into fructose chains), more profound and Aftertaste.


In terms of taste, grilled cold noodles are divided into sweet and sour, salty and spicy, sour and spicy, sweet and spicy. In fact, sweet and sour and salty are the basic taste types, and the others can be obtained by adding or subtracting seasonings. The sweet and sour roasted cold noodles also have the shadow of Harbin-Guobao Pork is the sweet and sour taste, and Harbin is the origin of Guobao Pork.


The protagonist that determines the taste of cold noodles is the sauce, usually garlic chili sauce, sweet noodle sauce, Korean chili sauce, tomato sauce and so on. Now Qinhuangdao grilled cold noodles on e-commerce websites put a lot of tomato sauce, which makes the grilled cold noodles have a very moist taste, which looks like cold soup noodles at first glance.


Roasted cold noodles have the characteristics of Northeastern cuisine, with strong flavor and aroma.


The taste is mainly due to the sauce. The aroma mainly comes from onion, cumin and coriander, which is actually a classic combination.


Coupled with the special taste of the roasted cold noodles, the chewing firmness has a gelatinous touch, and the fat makes the starch easier to eat.


It meets the definition of "junk food" in the traditional sense. The tongue of the people has chosen it and shaped it, so it will be delicious.


But more important is the occasion where it appears.


At the subway entrance, under the overpass, and when the twilight falls, you are hungry and in urgent need of a cushion, but you can't take up your stomach too much.


A serving of cold grilled noodles couldn't be better.


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