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Are you saying that Evergrande’s new "Big Lotus" stadium is ugly?


The answer most people tell me is: ugly. However, foreign media do not look at the problem in this way. AFP believes that Evergrande’s construction of the new stadium is related to China’s future bid for the World Cup.


Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Club is good at grasping the trend of Chinese football, maybe this is really an arrangement ahead of time for bidding for the World Cup. Building a "big lotus" on the same scale as the Nou Camp does not satisfy Evergrande’s appetite. According to Xia Haijun, Vice Chairman and President of Evergrande Group, they also plan to build three to five top-notch buildings in China. The scale of professional football stadiums will also reach the order of 80,000 to 100,000.


Looking at the team’s annual financial statements, we can know that the club does not bring much direct economic income to the Evergrande Group (and even invests huge amounts of money to maintain operations every year). In this case, it can maintain a huge investment. Behind the approval of the newly built stadium, their long-term development strategy must be hidden, and it also shows the future direction of Evergrande.


Although the club is at a loss from the 2019 financial table, football is still very important to the industrial layout of Evergrande Group. Evergrande Group was not outstanding among many real estate companies that year. To a large extent, the company increased its influence by investing in football. Especially after winning the AFC Champions League, Evergrande’s influence became more and more popular with football and became a famous nationwide. Real estate companies. It can be said that the role of football and major industries in the eyes of Evergrande Group is complementary. Such a club business model has Chinese characteristics.


The number of "fans" in China will increase sharply every time the World Cup comes.


In a month, the World Cup will have a great impact on our lives. It will add a lot of excitement to our usual tense, monotonous, and boring life, so that many people who usually don't care about football will be "cowled" into the army of fans. If China can host the World Cup, the economic pull may be greater than FIFA's imagination.


As the club that has had the greatest impact on Chinese football in the past decade, Evergrande Taobao naturally cannot let go of this potential opportunity. According to the experience of European professional clubs, the team’s ability to attract money can be improved. A large number of tickets are only part of the income. After the completion of the stadium construction, the catering, retail, entertainment, tourism and even real estate development (this is Evergrande’s housekeeping skills) ) Is an important source of income. If, as foreign media said, Evergrande’s "Big Lotus" can host the opening ceremony or finals of the World Cup in the future, its commercial value will be greatly enhanced.


In addition, there is relatively much room for development in the Guangzhou South Railway Station area. Evergrande will build a large-scale stadium there, occupying a favorable terrain and leading position for its future development. According to media reports, in the context of the country’s comprehensive promotion of the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the two cities of Guangzhou and Foshan have preliminarily agreed to integrate Guangzhou South Railway Station, Liwan Hailong Area, Foshan Sanlong Bay and other platforms around Guangzhou South Railway Station, and select a site to jointly build Guangfo Fusion pilot zone. Evergrande’s future real estate advertisement may say: “Deep in the core area of ​​the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Guangzhou-Foshan in-depth integration pilot area, the Guangzhou sub-center, the main venue of the World Cup, the XX community is worth it.”


From football to commerce, to urban development and national strategy, Evergrande’s strategic vision for building a football stadium with 100,000 people is very sharp, and their ability to follow the national strategy and layout is indeed strong. The success of Evergrande Group in the main business has also affected the logic of their club management.


We only use "Golden Dollar Football" to explain the success of Evergrande is obviously one-sided. After it dominated the Chinese Super League, many local tycoon teams have invested heavily in order to rise up, but none have successfully surpassed Evergrande. "Golden Dollar Football" is only one of the conditions for Evergrande’s success. In ten years, it can not only keep up with the development trend of Chinese football, but also predict the development trend of Chinese football, and even influence and guide Chinese football in its own way. The direction of the wind...... This characteristic is the key factor for Evergrande Tigers to occupy the Super League.

我们仅用“黄金足球”来解释,恒大的成功显然是单方面的。在占领了中国超级联赛之后,许多当地大亨团队都在大力投资以崛起,但没有一个成功超越恒大。 “黄金足球”只是恒大成功的条件之一。十年来,它不仅可以跟上中国足球的发展趋势,而且可以预测中国足球的发展趋势,甚至以自己的方式影响和指导中国足球。风向……这一特性是恒大虎队进入超级联赛的关键因素。

During the 2010 World Cup, the news that two former overseas players, Zheng Zhi and Sun Xiang, joined the Chinese First Team Guangzhou Evergrande did not attract much attention. In fact, this was the beginning of Evergrande’s layout in Chinese football. It laid the foundation for the ten-year prosperity of the Evergrande team.


Under the logic of the huge investment in the introduction of high-level players and coaches, the Evergrande team has attracted many international footballers as much as possible as a Chinese team. Zheng Zhi, Gao Lin, and Sun Xiang are all top domestic players. Intensified efforts to recruit Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linpeng, Zhao Xuri, Zeng Cheng, etc., in just three years, Evergrande used high salaries as a bargaining chip to build a team of Asian kings domestic players. Coupled with the famous coach Lippi, who was hired heavily, and strong foreign aids such as Konka, Muric and Exxon, Guangzhou Evergrande was exceptionally strong in the season when it won the first AFC Champions League. The team’s "dimensionality reduction strike".


Ten years ago, Chinese football was at an awkward time. The players in the 2005 World Youth Championship failed to continue their glory. They were weak in the World Cup and missed the top ten/twelve games in a row. The Asian Cup also failed to qualify for the group. , Chinese football urgently needs a strong medicine.

十年前,中国足球正处于尴尬的时期。 2005年世界青年锦标赛的球员没有继续光荣。他们在世界杯上表现不佳,连续缺席前十/十二场比赛。亚洲杯也未能晋级。 ,中国足球迫切需要强药。

In view of this trend, Evergrande made a decisive move and with the idea of ​​real estate business, it spent as much money as possible to win the few outstanding players in the country (that is, the golden land in the real estate), and hoard many international and quasi-national players. Under his command, he completed the “primitive accumulation” of Evergrande’s football capital at a high price that was unheard of in Chinese football. It was simply a market-based formation of a national team. This kind of "famous coach + super foreign aid + concentration of international footballers" did have a very good effect in the later period. The aspiration for the AFC Champions League and the crushing of the Chinese Super League are proof (in the past two or three years, Evergrande’s hoarding of outstanding young players is also the logic to help them New players such as Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu played a key role in winning the Chinese Super League championship again after a year.)

鉴于这一趋势,恒大采取了果断的举动,并凭借房地产业务的想法,花了尽可能多的钱来赢得该国少数优秀球员(即房地产的黄金地) ,并ho积了许多国际和准国家参与者。在他的指挥下,他以高昂的价格完成了恒大足球首都的“原始积累”,这在中国足球中是闻所未闻的。这只是一支以市场为基础的国家队。这种“著名教练+超级外援+国际球员的集中”在后期确实有很好的效果。对亚冠联赛的渴望和对中国超级联赛的沉迷证明了这一点(在过去的两三年中,恒大积outstanding了杰出的年轻球员也是帮助他们的逻辑。一年后再次赢得中国超级联赛冠军的关键角色。)

If Evergrande was just keeping up with and predicting the development trend of Chinese football in the early stage, then the South China Tigers, which won the AFC Champions League’s growing popularity, began to guide the wind. After the national team suffered the "Hefei Massacre", Evergrande is simply the only hope for the future of Chinese football. In response to the pressure of public opinion that players did not do their best in the national team game, Hengda, a major international player, predicted the situation and formulated a number of large-scale rewards and punishments to encourage players to show a good mental outlook in the national team game. Have done their duty to protect the national football game. When Evergrande won the AFC Champions League for the second time, there was a sharp contrast between Evergrande’s glamour and the gloom of the national football team. He even considered the Evergrande team to be the “cancer” of Chinese football, so the Evergrande team used its own efforts to contribute Lippi. Give to the national football team, in order to fulfill their duties for Chinese football. The former coach of Evergrande brought familiar players in order to make the Chinese team stronger. During Lippi’s coaching, the club’s influence on the Chinese football and even the national team was vying day by day and began to influence the trend of Chinese football. Variety.


Everyone knows what happened later. The Chinese team has improved during the time of the Libelt team, but there is still a big gap between the expectations of the fans. At that time, the whole country generally believed that the performance of the national team was not good. In the final analysis, the players were not good. Following this logic, we thought of the once taboo topic of Chinese football-naturalized players. Although Evergrande is not the first to eat crabs this time, it is the one who eats the most crabs. It is mainly non-blood naturalized and has an obvious purpose of transporting talents for the national team. It may even form a team composed of Ike The "Chinese version of Brazil" led by Sen, Gaolat, Luo Guofu and others. At the national team level, Evergrande really wants to use its own methods to help solve the problem. The Evergrande model of "famous coach + super foreign aid + concentrated international football" is actually realized in the national team one step further. This crazy idea reflects Hengda. Great influence on the development trend of Chinese football, but this kind of leading the trend is not very successful.


We don’t judge right and wrong here. Only from the perspective of Evergrande’s gradual prosperity over the past ten years, their senior executives’ judgments on the situation are very accurate, whether it is hoarding international players, promoting the interests of the national team first, or actively developing non-blood relations. Naturalization is acting out of its own logic. As a result, leaving aside, the story of Evergrande football in the past decade is an inevitable phenomenon of football development under China's national conditions.


As the Football Association's naturalization policy is no longer clear, the Evergrande team suddenly became very embarrassed with a large number of naturalized players. If this is a mistake, they have made mistakes in the fields of signings, club management, public opinion and public relations in the past ten years. These successes and failures, in my opinion, are the most contradictory aspects of Evergrande. Sometimes Evergrande is particularly "professional" and acts completely in accordance with the rules of the international football market; sometimes it is particularly "unprofessional", making Chinese football incomprehensible. The "features" of the game are so perfect.


Everyone knows the performance of Evergrande's special professionalism, so I won't repeat it. Focusing on the aspect of Evergrande’s Chinese football characteristics, it is a normal choice for a club to follow the development of the football trend, but it is difficult to understand that it has developed too much participation in the national team. After all, in the mainstream European professional leagues, Barcelona, Juventus contributed a lot of players to the Spanish and Italian national teams at best. It is impossible for us to see that they have a "contribution" or "intervention" similar to Evergrande for the Chinese team. This problem has troubled me for a long time. It was not until I understood the experience of Xu Jiayin, the helm of Evergrande Group, and carefully read his related news and interviews, that I realized the dual character of Evergrande Club.


Xu Jiayin is the most political and the most enlightened among the bosses of the Super League. He actively participates in poverty alleviation and normalization of charitable donations. This is by no means accidental for a long time. There must be some spiritual and logical support behind it.


Combined with his life experience, Xu Jiayin was born in a rural village in Zhoukou, Henan. His father returned to work in the countryside due to injury and demobilization, and his mother's early death made the family's difficulties even worse.


"Without the country's policy of resuming the college entrance examination, I can't live without the countryside; without the country's 14 yuan per month grant, I can't finish university; without the country's good policy of reform and opening up, there would be no Evergrande today." There is a possible explanation for the logic of his willingness to serve the country and contribute to the society. The vicissitudes of China, especially the experience of reform and opening up, made Xu Jiayin realize that, in addition to struggle, the change of personal destiny is inseparable from the country and society. support. Therefore, it has always been his wish to drink water to think about the source, return to the society, and serve the motherland. The strict management that is close to militarization, the extreme emphasis on collective value orientation, and the means of heavy rewards and punishments all met the management standards in the minds of people in Xu Jiayin's time.


After graduating from university, Xu Jiayin worked in a state-owned enterprise, and then went south to Guangdong to work for five years. After many years of ups and downs in the market economy, Xu Jiayin was well versed in the principle of acting in accordance with market laws. This experience itself has very Chinese characteristics. Evergrande Group and even Evergrande Taobao Club can use these two logics to handle things that are the possible reasons for success.


The times have created Xu Jiayin, Evergrande Group, and of course Evergrande Taobao Club. When we return to the perspective of its founder to think about the problem, it is possible to see the development ideas of the Evergrande team in the past ten years, and to clarify the internal logic of Evergrande's other actions in the future.


Evergrande has become the current Chinese football hegemon from the local tyrants of the Chinese Football Association, and now it will soon have its own football field with 100,000 people. All this is like a dream and a fantasy. At present, Evergrande Group is very different from ten years ago. It has formed a development pattern based on people's livelihood real estate, cultural tourism, health and wellness as two wings, and new energy vehicles as the leader. And football clubs are also exploring new development paths. Perhaps the construction of several stadiums such as "Big Lotus" is a new start.


China has Chinese characteristics, and Chinese football also has its own rules. We can't count on endless tearing down and reconstruction and copying foreign experience. Regardless of its merits and demerits, Evergrande’s impact on Chinese football over the past decade is at least embarking on a unique path. This is worthy of recognition.


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