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亚博最新地址_破不了绕前?浓眉错位冻结巴特勒靠防守赢球 关键三分展现大心脏
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亚博最新地址_破不了绕前?浓眉错位冻结巴特勒靠防守赢球 关键三分展现大心脏

On October 7, Beijing time, Game 4 of the NBA Finals started. The Lakers defeated the Heat 102-96 and got the match point with a total score of 3-1. In this game, "Brow Brow" Anthony Davis rebounded from the bottom. He scored 22 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 blocks, and hit a three-pointer to seal the victory at the last minute. And when he was on the court, the Lakers could beat the Heat by as much as 17 points, which was the highest in the team.


In the last game between the two sides, although "Brother Thick Eyebrow" had a good efficiency of 6 of 9 shots, he fell into a foul crisis early. At the same time, the number of shots was limited by the Heat's forward defense. As a result, the rhythm of the game was completely destroyed. When he was on the court, the Lakers lost 26 points wildly. This performance can be said to be the worst time for "Brother Thick Eyebrow" in the playoffs this year. In an interview after the game, he also admitted that his performance was poor and said that it was because of too many fouls that affected his offensive and defensive aggressiveness.


In fact, the Heat's crazy defensive tactics of circumventing and double-teaming for "Brother Thick Eyebrow" are very strong, and it is indeed difficult to crack. In this game, although "Brother Thick Eyebrow" completed dunks on his first offense, he still struggled to connect the ball afterwards. Even James tried to hand the ball to him too many times, but he appeared instead. It was a mistake that was intercepted by an opponent or passed directly out of bounds. At the end of halftime, "Brother Thick Eyebrow" and James each only scored 8 points.


But unlike the last game, even if the offensive end did not find the feeling, the mentality of "Brow Eyebrows" was not at all impatient. Instead, he always paid attention to controlling fouls and put more energy on the defensive end. Vogel arranged for him a severe task in this game, that is, to defend the last 40-point Jimmy Butler, and the "Brow Eyebrow"'s misalignment of Butler is also a great coup. .

但是与上一场比赛不同,即使进攻端没有找到感觉,“眉毛”的心态也不是没有耐心的。相反,他始终注重控制犯规,并在防守端投入更多精力。沃格尔在这场比赛中为他安排了一项艰巨的任务,那就是捍卫最后的40分吉米·巴特勒,而“眉毛”对巴特勒的错位也是一个伟大的政变。 。

Although Butler scored 40 points on the field, all of his 20 shots occurred within the three-point line, and he missed a three-pointer. This certainly shows that he played tough enough, but Vogel also saw him. Weakness. The taller and more athletic "brother thick eyebrows" defended him, which also made it difficult for Butler to play one-on-one, so he could only call pick-and-rolls. Even if he could avoid "Brother Thick Eyebrow" in the first quarter and scored 11 points on all 5 shots in a single quarter, but in the next three quarters, "Brother Thick Eyebrow" has become tighter and tighter against him and often stays at the basket. He rushed to the basket.


As a result, Butler not only significantly reduced the number of strong attacks with the ball on his own, but also took into account the air-cutting offense of other Heat players. The outstanding performance of "Brown Eyebrow" on the defensive end was also the key to the Lakers' victory in this game.

结果,巴特勒不仅大大减少了单打球强力进攻的次数,而且还考虑了其​​他热火球员的空中进攻。 “棕眉”在防守端的出色表现也是湖人队在这场比赛中获胜的关键。

In the last quarter of the game, "Brother Thick Eyebrow" first hit the face when Olynyk grabbed the ball, and then collided with Caruso when he was fighting for a rebound, and fell to the ground. This also makes the Lakers fans very worried, after all, once the thick eyebrow brother is injured and leaves the game, the Lakers lead into the fourth quarter of the god record is likely to end. But "Brother Nongbrow" gritted his teeth and continued to insist on the game. Not only that, 39.5 seconds before the end, he also hit a big heart three-pointer to help the Lakers widen the point difference to 9 points, completely killing the game suspense.

在比赛的最后一个季度,“兄弟浓密的眉毛”在奥林尼克抓住球时首先击中了脸部,然后在为篮板而奋斗时与卡鲁索相撞,摔倒在地。这也使湖人球迷非常担心,毕竟,一旦浓眉兄弟受伤并离开比赛,湖人进入神记录第四节的领先可能会结束。但是“ Nongbrow兄弟”咬紧牙关,继续坚持比赛。不仅如此,在比赛结束前39.5秒,他还击中了一颗大心脏三分球,帮助湖人将分差扩大到9分,完全消除了比赛的悬念。

From losing 26 points on the field, being circumvented and double-teamed to get mental explosions, to winning by 17 points on the field, dislocation and single defense to freeze Butler, "Brown Eyebrow" completed a gorgeous turn in just one ball. The ability to adjust is truly admirable. Faced with such an outstanding "Brother Thick Eyebrow", the Heat may have no chance.


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