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Tiger Fight, September 26, Chelsea’s legendary goalkeeper and current club’s technical adviser Cech spoke about the new goalkeeper Edward Mendy in an official interview with the club.

切尔西传奇的守门员和现任俱乐部的技术顾问切赫(Cech)在9月26日进行的Tiger Fight,在接受俱乐部官方采访时谈到亚博最新地址了新的守门员爱德华·门迪(Edward Mendy)。

Previously, Lampard and the Blues director said that Cech played a very important role in signing Mendy.


Cech said that he first noticed the Senegalese goalkeeper three years ago, and he has been closely following Mendy's progress ever since.


Cech: "When Reims won the Ligue 2 championship and was promoted to Ligue 1, I started to pay attention to him. You can see that in his first year in Ligue 1 he made great progress in Reims. He joined last year. After Rennes, you can see that he has continued to make amazing progress."

切赫:“当兰斯赢得Ligue 2冠军并晋升为Ligue 1时,我开始关注他。您可以看到他在Ligue 1的第一年他在兰斯取得了长足的进步。他于去年加入。在雷恩之后,您可以看到他继续取得惊人的进步。”

"He is a late bloomer, which may surprise some people. He is a newbie in the top league, but he is already very experienced."


"He has the quality of overcoming all kinds of difficulties. There will be a lot of pressure to join Chelsea, but when you have different pressures in your life, like the pressure of working in your life before, you may be better able to cope with football. pressure."


"Last year when Rennes played in the Europa League and played for the Senegal national team, this brought him a lot of experience. I believe he will be a very commendable part of our team. He will challenge the team. Goalkeeper and fight for this position."


"He is an all-around goalkeeper. He has good skills at his feet and has a wide range of front passes, from long passes to short passes. If you have watched the Europa League matches in the past two years, you will find that he controls the pass. The way of hitting and lobbing is different from anyone else."


"He will be another part of the team puzzle we are working hard to complete. We will have a competitive team to challenge the top position and the championship, because Chelsea is like that."


"We are a top club and we have top players in every position. His arrival will bring more competition for our goalkeeper position, which will also give the coach more choices in the goalkeeper position."


Mendy is the second goalkeeper to join Chelsea from Rennes, and Cech is the first.


"He and I are from the same club, which is unique, but it really has nothing to do with it."


"We have all played in Ligue 1 and I know how good Ligue 1 is. Of course years have passed, but in general I believe that goalkeepers from Ligue 1 are ready to play in the Premier League. In France, The players are fully prepared physically, just like in the Premier League."


"Rehn's style of playing last year, many goalkeepers were involved, this is similar to here, he will be a great addition to our goalkeeper position."


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