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【亚博网站链接】首战就开大!孙铭徽41分吴前39+14 压力来到郭艾伦这边了
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【亚博网站链接】首战就开大!孙铭徽41分吴前39+14 压力来到郭艾伦这边了

On October 18, Beijing time, the first round of the CBA regular season continued. Guangsha team defeated the Shanghai team 122-94. Sun Minghui shot 16 of 26 shots in this campaign with 41 points, 7 assists and 7 steals, defeating Fredette and Two famous foreign aids from Deng Meng. Such a performance can be said to be completely unbeaten by another Zhejiang defender who exploded in the first round, Wu Qian.


In the previous match between Zhejiang team and Guangdong team, Wu Qian scored a double-double of 39 points and 14 assists. Among them, the number of assists hit a career high and his performance was extremely eye-catching. As the Zhejiang team’s opponent in the same province, Sun Minghui may have been "stimulated" by Wu Qian's performance. In this game, he also broke out strongly against the Shanghai team, which was crazy to recruit during the offseason.


When the first quarter of the game came up, Sun Minghui had a direct conversation with Fredette. As a result, Fredette didn’t push Sun Minghui at all. He barely managed to shoot an arrow on horseback. The latter had a strong cap, which eventually led to Shanghai. The team violated 24 seconds of offense.


Fredette was not Sun Minghui's opponent. Deng Meng, who was in a worse state, was also given away for nothing when he encountered Sun Minghui. On the defensive end, he could not keep up with Sun Minghui's footsteps and was forced to foul, but even so, Sun Minghui still scored the ball and successfully scored 2+1.

弗雷黛特不是孙明辉的对手。处境更糟的邓萌在遇到孙明辉时也一无所获。在防守端,他无法跟上孙明辉的脚步并被犯规,但即便如此,孙明辉仍然得分,成功得分2 + 1。

In addition to the double foreign aid that can blow up the Shanghai team, Sun Minghui is also rude to his old teammate Liu Zheng. He completed 7 steals in this game, among which the "victim" was Liu Zheng. Since the two sides are very familiar with each other, Sun Minghui accurately predicted Liu Zheng's route to catch the ball, and after he grabbed the ball, he drove to the frontcourt and Liu Zheng could not catch up at all, so he could only watch him complete the layup.


In addition to only 3 points in the first quarter, Sun Minghui achieved double figures in a single quarter for the remaining 3 quarters, and the Shanghai team's defense completely did not match him. The only thing that can stop him a little is the referee. In the last quarter of the game, Sun Minghui was inexplicably whistled a technical foul by the referee after a breakthrough layup, but even after watching the slow motion playback of the live commentary, he did not know what Sun Minghui did that caused him to be blown. Technical foul.


Perhaps it was because he felt that the victory was in hand, or it was to protect Sun Minghui. Li Chunjiang chose to replace him later, otherwise, Sun Minghui's data might explode even more. Of course, Wu Qian "only" scored 39 points and 14 assists in the first round, but also because the game entered the garbage time too early, resulting in his lack of playing time. The performance of the two players in the first round can be said to be equal, and some fans also joked, "The battle for the first defender in the CBA in the new season has become more intense. The two defenders in Zhejiang tied 1-1 in the first round. Now the pressure is all on Guo Ailun. On the body."


No one commented, but quiet


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