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There are always people who jokingly say that "I want to make Chinese football progress unless I get sports into the college entrance examination." Judging from the recent series of policies and the statement of the Ministry of Education, "Sports entering the college entrance examination" may no longer be an unattainable imagination——


And such a supreme policy of "physical education" by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council is undoubtedly the latest indicator of the industry. In the future, will the baton of education bring a flourishing age to sports?


After seeing the role of "immunity" in the process of fighting the "epidemic", in the post-epidemic era, officials, television stations, schools, social institutions, and parents have paid more attention to the value of physical exercise, and physical education has also gained Many sources of concern and recognition, Xinhua News Agency and People's Daily have repeatedly issued articles stating that "physical education teachers will never have trouble or get sick again."


Regarding the policy that everyone is most concerned about, first, the Ministry of Education’s response letter clearly stated that "We must ensure the time for youth sports activities.


Then, on September 21, the State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Education jointly issued the "Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education to Promote the Healthy Development of Adolescents", opening up the two major functional institutions of sports and education in one fell swoop, and promoting the two major departments in the training of sports talents and competitions. , Player registration, coach selection and other levels of in-depth integration.

随后,9月21日,国家体育总局和教育部联合发布了《关于深化体育教育融合促进青少年健康发展的意见》,开放了中国体育教育两大职能机构一口气,促进了两大部门对体育人才和比赛的培训。 ,球员报名,教练选择等层次的深度整合。

In order to ensure the implementation of the policy, it was also announced that the General Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Education, and the General Administration of Sports will be established. The Central Propaganda Department, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development The inter-ministerial joint conference system for youth sports work involving the Health Commission, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Administration of Market Supervision, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and other departments...


Just when we all thought this was the pinnacle of "sports and education integration", the relevant outline documents also landed-1


This policy on school sports, together with the policy on "aesthetic education", was released after the "Overall Plan for Deepening Educational Evaluation Reform in the New Era", which pointed out the direction for physical education.


In order to help society understand the relevant content of the policy, the Ministry of Education also held a press conference today to interpret. After the conference,


In fact, the policy originally stated:


The press conference was more about the four-in-one school physical education goal system and the requirements of physical education reform. And proposed that the 14 years from one year of primary school to the second year of university, to ensure that students can


The Ministry of Education also proposed to establish a strong team of physical education teachers that meet the requirements of school physical education in 2022. This also provides a choice for the future of sports talents.


Regarding how scores are calculated for sports in the senior high school entrance examination, Wang Dengfeng, the director of the Department of Sports, Health and Arts of the Ministry of Education, introduced Yunnan’s experience. Requirements."


At the end of 2019, Yunnan Province's senior high school entrance examination education was reformed, and the sports score was greatly increased to 100 points. The implementation targets include all (previous) junior middle school students in Yunnan Province who have passed the physical examination. This is also in line with the suggestions and discussions of the committee members during the two sessions this year.


In addition, Wang Dengfeng also introduced: "


From high school entrance examination to college entrance examination,


In the past few years, practitioners in the physical education industry have often felt that they are not competent.


Many practitioners of sports training institutions said that despite the continuous policies, society and students’ parents still have certain "prejudices" about sports. For the age group, they must pursue English or Mathematical Olympiad, which is more integrated with their studies. For sports that have little to do with learning, they can only reluctantly give up.


Everyone may launch events such as the NYBO Youth Basketball Open and the International Fencing Championship of International Sports, so that parents of students can see the effectiveness of training, or cooperate with Beijing Shougang, MLB China, professional clubs at home and abroad, etc., to provide young athletes with professional Way out.

每个人都可以发起诸如NYBO青少年篮球公开赛和国际击剑国际锦标赛之类的活动,以便学生的父母可以看到培训的效果,或者与北京首钢,美国职业棒球大联盟中国以及国内外的专业俱乐部合作。 ,为年轻运动员提供专业的出路。

After all, sports is the most difficult item to "hold the Buddha's feet". If you want to achieve excellent results in the annual examinations, you can only spend your time in normal times, accompany your children to participate in physical exercises, and choose formal and reliable sports training institutions. To improve the physical fitness of your children to cope with the ever-changing test items.


With the increase of physical education classes and the improvement of sports scores, the reserve of physical education teachers will also become an important issue. This will bring more high-quality


In an interview with Xinhua News Agency at the 2020 Sports Expo, relevant persons in charge of sports equipment manufacturers such as Aigao Sports, Meikai Flooring, and Guangdong Greentown Sports Industry Group stated that their companies have specifically designed and produced campus groups.


Campus events are also gaining more recognition, and companies such as Alibaba, Suning, Tencent, Nike, etc. have all begun to deploy. CUBA, Dafa League, Naigao, Kaichu, WUCL, WUCG... From basketball to football to baseball, marathon, bicycle to e-sports, there are countless opportunities in college sports events.

校园活动也越来越受到认可,阿里巴巴,苏宁,腾讯,耐克等公司都已开始部署。 CUBA,大法联赛,奈高,凯楚亚博最新地址,WUCL,WUCG ...从篮球到足球到棒球,马拉松,自行车到电子竞技,在大学体育赛事中有无数的机会。

. In recent years, the Sports Standards Certification Committee of the National Sports School Federation and the School Sports Working Committee of the China Sports Goods Industry Federation have been established successively, all aiming to formulate more reliable industry standards and lay the development direction for the industry.


With the promotion of this round of policies, the integration of sports and education has played the strongest role in the industry, which may bring an unprecedented golden opportunity to the industry.


It should be understood that the integration of sports and education is not only the promotion of the industry, but more importantly, it has the opportunity to ensure the future for the sports industry. It cannot be ignored that campus sports have long-term significance for the construction of sports culture.


The development direction of sports is not only in the Chinese Super League, CBA and other head events, not only in the publicity of stadiums and streets, but also in the growing campus sports arena. Only by firmly grasping the campus scene can we have more opportunities to develop our own sports culture and cultivate generations of sports fans. Only by embracing the future, our own century-old sports IP may not be a castle in the air.


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