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Tiger Fight, September 26, Beijing time tomorrow 3:00, Real Betis will play against Real Madrid in the league. During the training before the game, Joaquin accepted an interview from the media. He said in an interview that Mourinho did want to invite him to play at Chelsea in 2005, but he refused at the time, and Mourinho said Joaquín was the first player to refuse him. Joaquin also said that as long as his body allows, he will continue to play, because he is still enjoying football.


"No, Mourinho and the others were both staying at the Alfonso XIII Hotel at the time, and I only attended the promotional event from Madrid at that time. Mourinho and the others held a meeting."


"And I didn't go to that meeting because I knew that if I did, I would go to England to play football, so I didn't go."


"I communicated with Mourinho afterwards, I apologized to him, and then Mourinho said to me:'I am very grateful for you to say this frankly, and you are the first to reject me. Invited players.'"


In 2006, Joaquin left Betis and joined Valencia. At the time Joaquin was 23 years old as one of Spain's best players. In an interview, he also talked about the transfer to Valencia that year, Joaquin said: "Lopera said at the time that I must leave Betis."


"He said that the team had reached an agreement with Valencia. Everything happened too fast. I was only 20 when I participated in the World Cup in 2002. I remember that I was under a lot of pressure. easy."


"When the transaction is completed, I don't want to leave Betis, because I don't want to leave my home."


"I remember that Chelsea really wanted to sign me at the time. Chairman Betis said to me:'A Russian boss made an offer to the team again for you.' And I really didn't want to leave Betis because I was Had a great time."


"People always ask me:'Joa Jin, will you regret your original decision?'"


"My answer is no. I know that I have lost a good opportunity. I had the opportunity to play for an excellent club and make a lot of money, but I didn't think that way."


"Yes, but these young players sometimes have to make these decisions. To be honest, whether to stay on the team or not is not completely decided by the players."


"Young players sometimes choose to join a better club, even though he cannot play an important role after he goes."


"To be honest, when young players receive an olive branch from a big club, it is difficult for them to refuse, but sometimes players forget the most important thing, that is, players need to get playing time."


Joaquin moved from Betis to Valencia in the summer of 2006, and Real Madrid was also interested in signing Joaquin. In Valencia that year, Joaquin played for Flores, Koman and Emery. The head coach played the ball. Joaquin said: "When I first arrived in Valencia, I encountered some difficulties."


"Flores has high requirements for the physical fitness of the players, and I gradually adapted to it. Flores is also a very important coach to me."


When talking about Koeman, Joaquin said: “I don’t really want to talk about him. I don’t think I learned anything under him, and people know the final result very well.”


"That was a bad experience, and that is something that players have to go through. I can understand it now."


"When Koeman coached the team, he chose to abandon many of the players who were the starters. At that time, the atmosphere in the team was very tense. The players didn't even want to go to the locker room or play games anymore. When we encountered this In the event of a situation, it also means that everything has been messed up."


When talking about Emery, Joaquin said: "It was a great experience. Emery went to Valencia with a lot of enthusiasm. He helped the team to complete a lot of changes."


"At the tactical level, Emery is definitely one of the best and most prepared coaches. But Emery is sometimes very strict, and when we are asked to watch the game video, we feel very upset. "


"But I think Emery has indeed led Valencia to make great progress, and in today's football, it is a normal thing for players to watch game videos."


Joaquin played 51 games for the Spanish national team, but he did not represent Spain in the 2008 European Cup. Joaquin criticized the Spanish national team in an interview. In an interview recently, Joaquin also talked about this, he said: "That was a few years ago."


"When I was in the Spanish national team, the team didn't see me as an important choice. I don't want to talk about it now."


"Of course, after Spain won the European Cup, I was also very happy. My teammates even communicated with me after winning the championship."


"To be honest, I was also a little uncomfortable at the time because I didn't have the taste of winning the championship, and I think it was a bit unfair."


"I think Aragones was very, very, very unfair to me at the time. I said that I wanted to play for Spain in the European Cup, and Aragones knew it."


In an interview, Joaquin also talked about when he will retire. He said: "When a player turns 30, the player will consider retirement after every season, and my current physical condition Still very good."


"If my physical condition permits, I will continue to play football. People cannot force me to retire. I think I have always worked hard and my passion for football has never changed."


"The situation is the same now. I will never change my attitude. I will continue to enjoy football because this is who I am."


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