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Recently, many family and friends have left messages to me asking how is the epidemic in Germany? I heard that there is an outbreak in Europe, how are you doing now?


Recently, watching the epidemic in Europe develop day by day, I feel a lot in my heart. I use this long article,


Let me talk about my experience in the last few days.


A low-key news was posted on the company's intranet that a colleague in the Munich headquarters office area (where I work) has been diagnosed with the new crown virus.


The news is very brief. It only says that this colleague has been quarantined at home, and the company's corresponding team will investigate the people he has contacted. You don't need to be nervous about this.


The boss discussed the epidemic at a departmental meeting, and the company's request is to cancel all recent travel outside of Germany. People who have been to the outbreak area on business or privately in the past two weeks need to work from home for two weeks.


The boss suddenly said with a bit of embarrassment, I asked you to declare a private itinerary. Does this violate the privacy of the employees?


I made an appointment with a Chinese colleague as a cook and went to the company cafeteria for dinner. There is still a lot of people in the canteen. Some people are eating and chatting, and some are chatting with coffee. The noise is not much different in normal times.


A bottle of disinfectant is placed at the entrance of the canteen. You can voluntarily disinfect your hands when you enter the canteen.


I went to the kindergarten to pick up the baby. The children and teachers were the same as before, having afternoon tea in the classroom and then having fun.


There seems to be no disturbance from the outside world, and there is an unreal peace and harmony.


A small note was posted on the door of the kindergarten. It said, for the sake of you and others, if you have been to an outbreak area recently, please take the initiative to let us know.


I talked about the company’s confirmed cases with my father Trojan. I felt a little worried, but I felt helpless to follow the trend. Later, we decided to go to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities, especially the diapers, wet tissues and milk that the baby needs.


The meaning of the so-called "stocking" this time is a bit different. I'm not afraid that the supermarket will rob the stock and be unable to buy anything in the future. According to my current observation, the probability of this situation in Germany is extremely low, and I am very confident in the ability of Germans to remain calm.


But why should I buy it?


Because my father and Trojan horse began to seriously consider,


Once we are recruited, we have no other relatives in Munich, and we may face the situation of family isolation and no one can go out to buy food, so we decided to prepare at least some things that the little Trojan needs every day.


It has been announced in the news that there have been two deaths in Germany, both of whom are elderly and suffer from chronic diseases.


On the way to work in the morning, I listened to Bayern Radio as usual. There is an audience debate on the radio, and the topic of the debate is,


For example, tens of thousands of people went to watch the big football match held in Stuttgart last Wednesday. Many listeners called in to express their opinions. I can’t believe my ears, among the listeners who call in,


Some people say: I think we should live as normal as before, without changing anything.


Some said: Just go home and wash your hands. Why panic? If you want to cancel this, cancel that, then it would be better to quarantine all of us at home for 14 days. What is the meaning of life like that?


Only one middle-aged female listener said: Support for the cancellation of large-scale events. If these events are not cancelled, just closing the school, what is the point? (A few Bayern schools have temporarily closed due to suspected cases).

只有一位中年女性听众说:支持取消大型活动。如果这些事件没有取消,只是关闭学校,那有什么意义呢? (由于可疑案件,一些拜仁学校暂时关闭了)。

This audience debate was very interesting, and to a certain extent reflected the true thinking of many German people.


Today is a full day of business unit management meeting.


Before the meeting, everyone inevitably talked about the new crown epidemic. Two management members are now working from home because they took a vacation in northern Italy last week.


Everyone joked with each other and asked if they were upset about working from home. Both of them sighed a little, saying that they were a little depressed when they were forced to home office.


We talked about the confirmed cases that appeared in the Munich office area just announced yesterday. I sighed: We all work in Munich, why didn't the company tell you which building and floor this colleague is in?


Note: I am not talking about revealing this person's personal information, but wanting to know which building it is. There are several buildings in our Munich office area. I think if I know the building where the diagnosis was made, maybe I can try to avoid meeting there.


Don’t forget, everyone here does not have any protective measures. According to domestic standards, it can also be said


A colleague in the management team in his early 60s said: Well, I didn’t say this.


Other German colleagues echoed: Yes, yes, this cannot be announced. Another colleague added:


At this moment, I suddenly realized that the attitude of the Germans towards the virus is really different from ours.


I know these management colleagues very well. They are highly respected, have life experience and knowledge, and are by no means "ignorant" crooked nuts.


Seeing what they said, they all thought that information should not be announced to prevent panic. I silently fell into thinking. . .

看到他们说的话,他们都认为不应发布信息以防止恐慌。我默默地陷入思考。 。 。

I chose to continue to work at the company, although I knew that the Munich office area had been diagnosed.


On the way to work, listening to the radio, Bayern Radio has a ten-minute column on the new crown virus every day. Today is to answer some topics of public concern.


A mother asked, my child’s school is not closed, but I am worried, can I let my child stay at home during this time and not go to school?


The expert on the radio did not hesitate for a second and replied:


Hearing this, I fell into contemplation again. . .

听到此消息,我再次陷入沉思。 。 。

Today is another normal day for work.


When I got home in the afternoon, the Trojan horse's father seemed to have something to do. He said, have you seen the news in the family group?


My German family has a Whatsapp group, similar to the domestic WeChat family group. I have been busy for a day today, and I have no time to read the chat records in the group. I was suddenly a little nervous, so I quickly opened it and browsed.


Trojan's father's sister, who is also Xiao Trojan's aunt, said in the group that their whole family was ill. Fever, headache, and cough, now I can only stay in bed at home. The most terrible thing is that her two sons also fell ill at the same time, with the same symptoms.

Trojan的父亲的妹妹,也是Xiao Trojan的姑姑,在小组中说,他们的整个家庭都病了。发烧,头痛和咳嗽,现在我只能躺在家里的床上。最可怕的是她的两个儿子也同时以相同的症状生病。

Two weeks ago, they took their children to a carnival parade in Cologne. Aunt Mu Ma is relatively calm. She said that there is no other way but to isolate herself at home, and she told my parents-in-law not to visit them.


We asked with concern: Did you go for testing?


She said: No. Whether you can get the test depends on the specific regulations of RKI (Robert Koch Institut, German National Medical Research Institute). In our situation, we are still out of our turn. It is not so easy to get the test. To

她说:否。能否获得考试取决于RKI的具体规定(德国国家医学研究所Robert Koch研究所)。在我们的情况下,我们仍未摆脱困境。获得测试并非易事。至

My father-in-law wrote in the group: It's really worrying not to visit you. I hope that your mother and I will not be infected so quickly, at least until you recover health.


My father-in-law is not joking, he is serious.


You see, what I recorded above is my most real trivial daily life in Germany during the outbreak.


Many Chinese friends in China have seen these things around me, and then look at the soaring number of infections in Europe, they must find it hard to understand. You may not be able to figure out what happened to the Germans? Are they going to break the jar?


Are there people in this world who are not afraid of death? Why are many operations of crooked nuts a bit


Recently, Italy is getting worse and worse. Many friends may not understand. Why is it so miserable for Italy to make a full set?


From this perspective, Germany seems to "do nothing", the death rate is actually very low, and the people are still very calm. Facing the same thing, different countries have come up with different coping strategies,


The Trojan Horse took the courage and talked to you about fifty cents, and talked about some of his superficial views on Europe's fight against the epidemic.


Last time I said in the article,


Many Guarana friends said they didn’t understand, and asked me, why are the Germans so generous if Italy fell? Whether you say it is a "pig teammate" stalk left behind during World War II, or whether you say it is historical experience.


Germany and Italy are good friends who are constantly arranging and chaotic. I don't know how many Germans flock to Italy for vacation every year. Go to the beach in summer and ski in winter, especially in the Bayern region of southern Germany. You can reach Italy with the accelerator pedal. Northern Italy is like a German back garden.


I also wrote in an article before: German attitudes towards the epidemic are divided into two stages:


At that time, I wrote this sentence with a bit of ridicule. I didn't expect that the German anti-epidemic process would really be lost in my language.


Before the fall of Italy, Germany’s strategy was a bit similar to that of China.


At that time, there were more than a dozen confirmed cases in Bayern. The earliest patient was infected from a Chinese colleague. At that time, they kept these a dozen people in the hospital like giant pandas. Even if most of the patients had no symptoms at all and were alive and kicking, they would not let their families be discharged.


Bayern’s health department also quickly followed up all close contacts, and finally succeeded


At this point, it can be said that Germany's operation in Bayern has been very successful, and it is almost at the textbook level. Later, in mid-to-late February, after Germany imported cases from Italy, the European Union did not intend to establish border entry controls for European countries. Germans already knew in their hearts that a virus outbreak was inevitable.


German experts have also said that based on the current German manpower, close tracking of the infection chain will only be effective when the number of infected people is very small. Once hundreds of people are infected, the number of close contacts that need to be traced will increase exponentially. Such a huge investment of manpower and energy cannot be realized in Germany.


At this time, the Germans adjusted their anti-epidemic strategy according to the situation in Europe. Simply put, from the very beginning in Bayern


The virus began to wreak havoc in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and spread quickly.


At this time, Germany sent all mild and asymptomatic patients back home for isolation from the beginning. Even though there may be beds in the hospital at that time, they did not treat mild patients immediately, just to make the beds vacant and save them for later A large number of critically ill patients appeared.


Then, the German society and major media immediately appealed to the people not to go directly to hospitals and clinics, but to call for consultation once they have symptoms of colds and coughs.


Say the important thing again,


Through telephone consultations, most cold patients, including those with mild new coronary disease, are directly blocked by family doctors at home. Why did the Germans leave thousands of mildly ill patients alone and send them home?


Looking back at the domestic experience in the past two months, what has killed the most in the entire development of the epidemic? Not the virus itself, nor the shortage of masks, but


Once everyone rushes into the hospital, not only will they infect each other, but the more serious problem is that after the medical system collapses, people who are seriously ill cannot get treatment. Every day, the ground is not working, and the death rate will soar. For this, Wuhan paid a price in blood. Because Wuhan was the first to face the virus and was unprepared, it is almost inevitable to panic and run on medical resources.


In this matter, Germany and other countries in the world have more coping advantages than China, because the new crown epidemic is coming like a wolf. They knew it was coming since January. The Germans are very clear on this point.


Germany's major strategic adjustments to fight the epidemic included one of the soul figures, Christian Drosten, a virology expert known as the "Zhong Nanshan" in Germany.

德国为抗击这一流行病而进行的重大战略调整包括其中一位灵魂人物:病毒学专家克里斯蒂安·德罗斯滕(Christian Drosten),在德国被称为“中南山”。

He is the world's top expert on SARS and the new coronavirus, the co-discoverer of the SARS virus, and the first person in the world to invent a rapid detection method for the new coronavirus.


To add a digression, I was really a fan of him recently. German scientists have a


Professor Drosten has shown the unique professionalism and extreme calmness of scholars in all interviews. Gua friend who is good in German recommends to watch his TV interviews in ZDF, as well as recorded interview shows in NDR, which are available on YouTube.


After the fall of Italy, the epidemic


The idea of ​​dragging it to summer does not mean that the virus will die by itself in the summer, but that there are few people who get the common flu in summer, which can greatly relieve the pressure on the hospital.


It is precisely because of his unique professional status in the world that he dares to say such a thing.


Although some people in Germany expressed dissatisfaction, the overall reaction of the German people was not particularly intense.


From this perspective, the Germans seem to be the masters of "copying homework", because they got the essence of the homework and succeeded in avoiding the pit from the beginning. As long as there is no run on medical resources, medical staff will not be infected, and the people will not panic too much. , Everything will not be too bad.

从这个角度看,德国人似乎是“抄写作业”的大师,因为他们掌握了作业的本质,并从一开始就成功地避免了深坑。只要没有医疗资源,医务人员就不会被感染,人们也不会太恐慌。 ,一切都不会太糟。

Let's talk about Italy, the most serious "copy homework" in Europe.


According to conscience, the Italian government has attached great importance to the new crown virus from the beginning. It was the first to declare a "government emergency", the first in Europe to cut off flights, and the first to imitate the "Vulcan Mountain" (although it is a tent, it is better than nothing) , The only one in Europe to order the "closure of the city" or even the "closure of the country."


China’s series of hard-core anti-epidemic measures, they have all followed the gourd. As a result, the situation in Italy is getting worse and worse.


Why did the Italian government adopt so many measures, but the result worsened? For a developed European country, this result is unacceptable. It's not that our measures are not good, but that they didn't get real lessons learned.


At first I didn't understand why Italy played a good hand in a poor hand, but after comparing Germany's coping strategies, I suddenly felt a little confused.


When a government adopts a lot of publicity and treats the virus with the highest level of seriousness, of course it will increase the self-protection awareness of the people. This is very good, but it will also definitely cause the people to


At the beginning of the domestic epidemic, panic also appeared. Medical resources in Hubei were running on. Thousands of people queued for more than ten hours in the waiting room of the hospital.


Later, the father of the Central Committee took the initiative, medical teams from all over the country drove over, and the PLA uncles came. Vulcan Mountain was quickly built, and automobile manufacturers remodeled masks. Overseas Chinese also took action and emptied pharmacies all over the world.


We use the power of more than one billion people nationwide to pay attention: This is not only the contribution of ZF, but the joint efforts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people that can barely turn the tide, reverse the situation, and gradually stabilize the people.


Italy wanted to fully refer to China’s problem-solving ideas, but only halfway through the process did it discover: Fuck! Why are these measures implemented in Italy and the results are completely different?


The Italian people became nervous and panic arose, but


Everyone knows the subsequent development. The Italians took to the streets to protest against the closure of the city for freedom, the medical system was nearly paralyzed, the prison riots, the supermarket was sold out, and the panic level exceeded that during World War II.


Those detours that were taken during the initial outbreak of the domestic epidemic, hospitals were full, supermarkets were sold out, people were panicked, abandoned the city and fled,


I saw a sentence on the Internet a few days ago:


Let's talk about Germany.


In the words of our foreign companies, China is considering problem solving (problem solving) in the face of the epidemic, while Germans are considering damage control (reducing damage).


If a foreign company makes a plan, it will generally evaluate plan A and plan B, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and then evaluate the plan in terms of people’s livelihood, economy, national strength, and cost-effectiveness, make a list of points, and finally choose the best Excellent solution.


You see, this is how the Germans do things. There is no feeling, no dedication, only purely rational analysis and comprehensive consideration. You say, which one is better? Was it China’s irresponsible effort, or Germany’s “cold” approach to optimal solutions?


I think there is no way to compare the two together.


Assuming that we can set the time back two months ago and move the German strategy to China, I think it is definitely not good, because the national conditions between the two countries are too different, so I won't discuss it here for now.


Many friends who see this place may have to ask, after all, the freedom of crooked nuts has harmed them. Is the usually superior dish cooking system not working well at this time? I think apart from objective reasons such as system, national strength, and medical system, there is the most important point, that is


Although everyone has seven emotions and six desires, they are all afraid of death. But people are different after all. The reaction of Crooked Nuts to the virus was a bit unexpected. This is not just a question of how to treat the virus, it actually reflects a


We Chinese people may especially pursue peace and safety, and it is good that our family is neat and tidy. We often say that it is better to live than to die. But at the same time, most of us Chinese have


Because of these two deep-rooted values, we Chinese talents will


Crooked nuts may not be sorted this way. Perhaps it seems to the Italians that if you restrict his freedom, he will feel pain, not freedom or death. Let him stay at home for two months, he would rather go to the hospital. For Germans, personal independent thinking, personal privacy and quality of life are more important to them.


This point, even if the virus comes, it will not change. I don't care if you are Zhong Nanshan or Huoshenshan. Whether I want to be sent to the mountain or not is up to me.


Therefore, it is very difficult for the German government to ban large-scale events with more than 1,000 people, and it has to appeal again and again. Many people will think that there is football in my life, but now you cancel large-scale events and disrupt my life, I am not happy.


Another reason that Germans can be so calm is that they still have a natural sense of security in their hearts. This sense of security is given by the general environment, given by Germany's relatively stable social environment and ample living standards over the years. Most of them have a


With this sense of security, they don't like saving money or buying houses. With this sense of security, even if the virus reaches their doorstep, they are not easy to panic.


I often think of my former head teacher in high school recently. She is a very worried middle-aged woman. Sometimes when our class performance is not good, she always looks at us, shaking her head and speaking earnestly. Haven't all these topics been reviewed? Why didn't you fail the exam? For some reason, I always think of her when I see the epidemic in European countries.


Like many melon friends, I first saw all kinds of tricks of crooked nuts. I also wanted to ask, what are these crooked nuts doing? It's really anxious. After experiencing the development of the epidemic in Europe during this period, I have some different ideas. They don’t know how to copy homework, but they can’t. Why?


Because we in China take a comprehensive volume of politics and biology. The German test is mathematical probability theory, and the additional question is sports. Italians may take the art major.


Do you remember this picture?


This picture is a particularly good example of the roller coaster ride of the domestic people in the past two months. I saw hope time and time again, and encountered new problems again and again and fell to the bottom. The people of the whole country crossed the river by feeling the stones together.


Those ones


You see, this is the track left by our Chinese fighting the virus.




If I imitate our anti-epidemic sine wave and draw a curve for the development of the German epidemic, it would look like this:


Finally, for fear of being misread, say a few more words.


My article is not meant to "bash" anyone. On the contrary, I think there are some merits in Germany's current anti-epidemic strategy. Although if I am infected, I would really like to scold my mother, but from the macro data alone, this may be the most suitable strategy for Germany's national conditions.


, China’s hard-core operations are doomed to be impossible for European countries to copy.


Overseas Chinese like me who have experienced the domestic and foreign situation at the same time, compared everything that Wok Guo Ren has experienced now, and I suddenly realized what a difficult battle China has fought in the past two months.


I would like to dedicate this article to every compatriot who has worked together to "suffocate" the virus, every overseas Chinese who is desperately sending supplies to China, and every medical, police, government, military, service industry and other industries who have been fighting all night. Ordinary people in the industry.


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