Scania NextGEN R Series is already tested

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New heavy truck must debut in Brazil before 2020

The reader Rodrigo González has spotted the new Scania NextGEN Series R Cab CR 20 R truck with low roof in tests in Brazil. The heavy has already been released in Europe and Mexico and will be released in the near future. first semester in Australia According to our friend Érico Rafael of Midia Truck Brasil site the NextGen Series R must debut in the Brazilian market before 2020.

Scania NextGEN Series R

The NextGEN line was launched in August 2016 when the Swedish manufacturer completed 125 years of foundation . The prototype of the Scania NextGEN R-series caught by González is an 8 × 2 configuration.


The line is composed by the families of series L (Unpublished), Series P, Series G, Series R and also the unpublished series S that has the floor of the cabin 100% flat, in addition to the new series L and S, the new generation still has the XT series, which is the version for more severe jobs, such as construction and mining. The XT series can be applied in the series P, G, R and S.

In Brazil, the Swedish brand should market the more traditional 4 × 2, 6 × 2, 6 × 2/4, 6 × 4, 8 × 2 and 8 × 4 versions. The NextGEN truck line should be commercialized in Brazil in the P, G and R series.

In terms of powertrain, the NextGEN line should maintain the same supply of current propellers. It is worth noting, which last edition of the Fenatran 2017, Scania presented the new engines of 450 horses and 510 horses in line Already the prototype caught by being an 8 × 2 configuration can be equipped with a motor of 450 hp of power

In Europe, among the new engines that NextGEN received were the new 520 horsepower inline and the new 650-horsepower V8, both Euro6.

Photo | Rodrigo González (catch) and photomontage Érico Rafael about Scania photo / Publicity