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Kingdom hearts wiki kingdom hearts khwiki., Namine. type: special nobody voice actors (ja:) iku nakahara by the end of kingdom hearts chain of memories naminé has proven herself to be a kind.Datanaminé kingdom hearts wiki kingdom hearts, Story kingdom hearts coded . a data version of naminé appears in the white room of the datascape's castle oblivion where she meets datasora and mickey..If roxas xion namine return. kingdom hearts iii, For kingdom hearts iii on the playstation 4 a gamefaqs message board topic titled "if roxas xion and namine return."..Kingdom hearts 3: final stand chapter 42: epilogue 3, Games kingdom hearts. follow/fav kingdom hearts 3: final stand. by: kristen verne. epilogue 3: namin.

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Datanaminé kingdom hearts wiki fandom powered wikia, Datanaminé is a character that appears in kingdom hearts coded and kingdom hearts re:coded.