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Ventus (kingdom hearts) wikipedia, Ventus (kingdom hearts) ventus (japanese: ヴェントゥス hepburn: ventusu) commonly referred to as ven (ヴェン) is a fictional character from square enix's video game franchise kingdom hearts..Ventus kingdom hearts wiki kingdom hearts encyclopedia, Ventus also known as ven is one of the main protagonists in kingdom hearts birth by sleep. his name means "wind" in latin similar to how sora's name is japanese for "sky". he was a keyblade wielder before sora ever became one and was apprenticed to both xehanort and eraqus..Amazon.: kingdom hearts ventus, Product features or draw on the box to make it a unique gift for kingdom hearts fan..Ventus kingdom hearts 3 wiki guide ign, Ventus (ven for short) is one of the three main protagonists in kingdom hearts birth by sleep. he serves under master eraqus as a student. he is still fairly young but ven constantly trains in order to take the mark of mastery exam one day..

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