Young xehanort' keyblade kingdom hearts wiki , Usage [] kingdom hearts 3d: dream drop distance []. after mickey mouse casts a stopza spell to aid riku in rescuing sora from xehanort's organization xiii master xehanort's consciousness overrides the spell by possessing and temporarily granting young xehanort the ability to wield his keyblade though he does so with this specific keychain.. Young xehanort kingdom hearts wiki, Young xehanort referred to as the unknown (謎の男 nazo no otoko) and the mysterious figure in the north american pal and final mix versions of kingdom hearts birth by sleep is a boss in kingdom hearts birth by sleep and one of the main antagonists in kingdom hearts 3d: dream drop distance..

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Young xehanort' keyblade : kingdomhearts reddit, I was just thinking about how young xehanort's keyblade is different from the one that master xehanort uses so i wanted to ask if i missed.

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